Question to Developers.... Early MiG plans?

There is a gap in DCS, early MiGs! The MiG-15/F-86 are outstanding in DCS. I would hope there would be a follow up on these great planes. The MiG-17F in my humble opinion would be an outstanding success with the DCS fans. I believe that a reputable company would see a lot of first day purchases with a MiG-17F. While I would love to see a full switch MiG-19, its use is limited and therefore might not get the interest the '17 would.
While the MiG-15 was only relevant for a small amount of time, its successor was used until the 70s! Just about anyone who bought arms from Russia flew it. This aircraft was in every conflict in the Middle East and Vietnam as well as Africa. It covers a lot of history. While the '19 and '21 were getting all the glory, the '17 was doing all the donkey work. Typical of Soviet design, it is light, nimble and in proper hands deadly. It is a MiG-15++.
So I guess my question here is two fold; Who in the community would buy a MiG-17 from Leatherneck, Belsimtek or Razbam?
My second question: Are there any plans from Developers on these subjects?


thats of course, but developers are obviously interested now in later designs like Harrier / Viggen / F14 / F18 / … if that means there will be full blown MiG29 later then I am at peace :slight_smile:

I think eventually they will get to the older aircraft but frankly IMHO I would prefer they (ED) or some third party developer to get us a Korean War Theater map to fly what we got in. The map, and all the vehicle, AAA units that would go with a Korean War theater. These IMHO before any new Korean War aircraft.

A J-5 would be nice, but I’d bump up a F-4 Phantom II dual-seater in the aircraft I’d like to see queue, if we are doing a few more in that era and after we have Carrier ops.

Well, early MiGs… Dunno. They don’t appeal that much to me.

I probably wouldn’t buy a MiG-17.
MiG-19… maybe.
eartly MiG-21… meh. Maybe if we had a Vietnam map
MiG-23: Now we’re talking. I’d PREFER a late version, but I would buy any 23 I think.
Any later one (25, 27, 29, 31) would be interesting for me. I have a preference in multi-role though.

Years ago they said a MiG-23 was on Leatherneck’s to-do list, since it shares SO many instruments with the MiG-21.
But then nothing was heard about it again.
Right now I don’t think any of the established 3rd parties is working on an early MiG. Or any MiG. Or any non-western plane. :frowning:

I love the idea of more MiGs into the arena but I’m pretty sure I could never push myself to buy them- that said, I adore the idea of facing them in the skies! So… bring it on!

I would buy it :wink: