Questions about wide screen (21:9) monitors

I’m looking at them as I need the extra space for work (displaying VMs, debuggers, etc), but also for gaming (mostly DCS).

If you use one, can you tell me if it’s worth it?


I have one and love it. I find it easily as useful, if not more for work type things than dual monitors. Doesn’t break your vision to move between things as much, might not be an issue for you but it is me.

I have one geared towards gaming so no funny issues with DCS tearing or anything like that.

Prices are all over the place so not really sure if I can answer the “worth it” question, but I doubt I’d ever go back to a more regular sized monitor

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Love my widescreen at home. Some games do not cooperate (Witcher 3 for example, refuses to use the full wide resolution)

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So what do you all think about working in VR? I haven’t fully explored it yet but I have been editing DCS missions in VR (faster than switching back and forth with with 2D). I am pretty used to it now. It is a different feel to zooming in…almost like you can tough the objects in SAT view.

I think that one could expand their virtual desktop to fit all kinds of apps, programs and windows. The Rift-S might not be the best at it though… :thinking:

I had a 34” 21:9 Samsung curved screen, before I got into VR. It was really nice in DCS.
If I couldn’t use VR, that’s what I’d get instead.

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Thanks fellas! Really appreciate your input.

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Most of my missions involve LUA scripting and I am good at typing when I can’t se my keyboard. :slight_smile:

I envy that Sir!

That is the down side for me - place the cursor, pop the VR hood up, hunt-and-peck a bit, check for accuracy…repeat. :grimacing:

Rift-S has a “see through” option that I might try - it is in Beta but hey.

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Sadly you can hardly see anything with it. Good for orienting inside a room but that’s basically it.