Quick M200C question

I just bought this thing, and I CANNOT get it to start. I’ve watched a few youtube videos and read thru the startup procedures in the manual, but it seems like the plane just hates me.

So as I understand, the steps for engine startup is as follows

parking brake on
Main fuel pump on
L&R fuel pumps on
Vent circuit to either L or R…
Press START button
At 10% N1 move throttle forward to Ground IDLE.

However, I am hitting a wall at the ‘Start button’ step.
Everything else is done, and i go to hit the start button and get no response from the aircraft. The button doesnt animate, no sound, and I get no engine rpms…

ONE TIME i got it to start, somehow, just looked up from raging at the plane and there was RPM on the gauge. However I crashed that one on takeoff. :rage:


Are you turning the four electric switches on? Battery, alternators one and two, and inverter?

Have you flipped the main battery switch? It’s the bright orange one above and to the left of the main advisory panel.

Make sure the throttle is actually in the cutoff position before you hit the engine start switch. If it isn’t, hit the little red button at the base of the throttle.

@boomerang10, @near_blind, It was my understanding that the Main Battery switch was not needed to start the jet, according to the videos i watched. Could have been a beta thing though. But yes, I tried it with the battery on and off…still none.

@Derbysieger I will see about the throttle position. I’ve just not been touching it till after start button pressed.

I usually wait until I think closer to 20% before I pop the throttle forward- maybe that might help? Also, how long are you holding the starter button?

RPM will climb to 11% then stop until you push the throttle over the ident. How can you wait for 20% if it’ll never go there?

Hey @Kombat_Karl

I made this for you

I think the thing you are missing is the starter fuel pump.

Hope it was helpful!


Sooo…I figured it out. It was the main electrical power switch…Apparently, it DOES have to be on, contrary to all the videos AND the startup procedure in the manual. Ahh, the trials and tribulations of Beta modules.

Now on to figuring out blowin’ stuff up :smiley:

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So to avoid cluttering up with a new thread, a few more questions.

Does the Mirage support buddy lasing yet? was expermenting with a friend in an A-10 AFAC as well as a JTAC on the ground and we couldnt get the bombs to track. Could have been our cluelessness though. Tried default A10 codes as well as 1111, which apparently is the default bomb code on the Mirage, according to google. No joy.

I noticed MK20 Rockeyes, strapped some on but didn’t get a weapon selector for them in the pit. Not implemented?

Also, CCIP is a mystery still to me, Snakeyes theoretically should give you a pipper ‘out in front’ of your jet on the HUD, being high drag bombs and all (right?)…but I have to be in like a 80 degree dive just to see the pipper.

Again probably me being dumb, but its FRENCH and I can’t get my head around it. I guess I should dl that english cockpit mod.

Buddy lasing: Yes. It does not work perfectly though. At some altitudes and angels there are problems still. Also you have to lase all the time (before release, until impact) otherwise you will miss.

The Rockeyes act as a stand-in for the french cluster bombs (BLG-66) at the moment. I tried them and they worked.
But be careful: Don’t mix A-G and A-A weapons, that doesn’T work and cause problems (like in the real jet)

As for the CCIP: For me it works. Perhaps you were too slow, so the pipper was below your HUD.

As for the French: Most important to remember: T = test, M = ON, A = OFF

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@aginor Still struggling with the CCIP and Snakeyes…dunno if its a bug/incomplete feature or if its me. I cannot get a pipper unless im diving almost straight down at the target. Might be missing a step though.

With the buddy lasing, what laser code is it? 1111 or 1688? Can you change the code in the Mirage?

The code is 1688 and for now cannot be changed iirc. With snake-eyes you should not come in steep but instead come in low ( 500-2000 feet AGL).

And fast. At least 400- 450 knots.