Quick Question... paint program tool

What’s that tool in some paint programs, and is there a similar tool in one of the Microsoft Office products, or Windows 10 programs that has it…where you can outline a person in a picture and cut it out, paste it new on a new background???

Thanks, just wondering for a basic project.

Lasso ?

Free-form selection under selection. In microsoft paint that is, atleast. I personally use paint.net and use the wand.

Magic Wand works in Photoshop.
There’s some sort of Content Aware options to define to make it work best.

Same here, the paint.net (dammit forum, that’s not a link) wand works like the one in photoshop. Very useful.


It also doesn’t go to the correct website. It took me to http://www.warrenpaint.com/index.html


@aginor @wheelsup_cavu its the reason I ended up hyperlinking mine to the correct site.


Yeah the Forum just read .net so it made a link, and the site is completely unrelated.

Depends on the program but the icon usually a lasso or magnet.