Racing Sim Screenshots and Videos 2023

You might be right with it having something to do with the G29. I just plugged in an X360 pad and it worked just fine with the preset.

I’m not up to using the wheel this evening, but tomorrow I should be okay, so I’ll give it another try. I’ll report back.

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Taking the P91 for a spin, Fast fast car

Johnny I had the same issue with my G920 a few times. First time after I configured it i clicked back to keyboard to check something. I had to make sure it was set to wheel for it to work.

The other time was because G hub wasnt running,


LMH and LMDh have revitalised my interest in today’s ‘top tier’ motorsports and IMO is now the pinnacle. If I was an up and coming driver that is what I would be aiming for… Forget F1.

I actually lost interest in F1 a few years ago, and wasn’t too upset when they stopped televising races on free-to-air. I thought the whole scene was more about marketing hype than even back in Bernie’s day, stale, sterile, and quite frankly the cars uninteresting due to (IMHO) absurd technical regs.

I reckon I will be getting all of those and the ‘Proton’ P91. Even if I aren’t going to be driving them all it will give me a nice grid.


This fix wasn’t available to me as I had already done it - must have been some time ago as I don’t remember, but the settings are already as described in that discussion.

I’ll keep plugging away - must be something.

–right, it’s working. No idea what changed, just went through the set-up procedure in-sim and it worked.
Now I find I don’t actually have the Daytona RC track - so have to find that, and then as I’ve never modded it before (that I remember) I’m just sticking stuff where I think it belongs. I know there’s a content manager, but I’d like to just have a test of the game before I do too much.

aaaaand got it and about to have a go! :smiley:

and PS - well done, you earned Race Department a new premium subscriber

Yes, they are hard to resist. Very much looking forward to watching both IMSA WeatherTech and FIA WEC. I’ll be traveling to Road Atlanta for Petit Le Mans this year to catch the final race in the IMSA series.

Speaking of IMSA, they have a good page describing the classes. I’m still a little confused as to the difference between GTD and GTD Pro, since they are both based on the FIA GT3 class.

I’ve been working on a car set for Sebring. Right now it’s based on last year’s Le Mans classes, with LMDh cars from 2023 added. Content Manager makes organizing this type of thing so simple. I need to learn how to edit the cars to add drivers for the BMW LMDh M Hybrid. Darche EGT is a mix of Porsche and Corvette cars. Need to add more AMR to the mix.

Interesting announcement for RF2 on RD. Not only are the updating the GT3 car performance, but also going to allow a driver to race against DLC that they don’t own, similar to DCS.

Well done Sir. That sounded like a sticky one. And yes, and RD premium account is a bargain, IMHO.


Good Gosh! or GG!
I need a acronym legend to understand what the heck is being talked about lol :laughing:


I got my Pico 4 on this afternoon, ready for a good sesh in AC only to find that my controller was no longer working - it hadn’t kept the config. Okay, I thinks, I’ll just load up the config I saved when it worked. Only it didn’t this time.
That would mean going through the whole set-up again, and I don’t want to be doing that every time I want to drive.
So I fired up P-Cars 2 instead and did a few laps of old Hockenheim in the DBR9 and thoroughly enjoyed it, followed by an equally enjoyable visit to Le Mans in the Audi R18 e-tron '14 which was an awesome car - just a little bit faster than my old Lancia Delta HF 4WD in the late '80’s! :slight_smile:

The interior gives excellent immersion in VR, and the Pico 4 is just outstanding in racing sims. It’s the first time I’d used it for racing and it far exceeds my previous headsets (Index, Quest & Rift). Everything on the track is so much clearer - mind you, I did up the settings more than I used to as well and now the lines are just that, not wavey, blurry things that fade a few yards in front of the car :slight_smile:

It’s taken me over 2 years to find a really comfy driving set-up with this G29 and now I have, combined with the Pico, I can see me doing a lot more driving now. I’ll post a piccy later.


Fired up iRacing and tried the BMW on Daytona. Run about 6 second slower. But you can’t adjust your gearing, Im guessing its a rule or reg for IMSA.


How does IR compare to AC? I haven’t driven iRacing since the first year of its release. I’m sure that it’s much better now.

Congrats Johnny! I bet that is a sweet headset. The vintage Le Mans pack for PC2 is incredible. Some of my best racing experiences.

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Yes it is. It isn’t perfect, but it’s a big improvement and those lenses are massive! I’ve seen people saying it isn’t worth getting over the Quest 2 due to the lack of software/games content but that was never a factor for me as I only use it for wireless PCVR through Virtual Desktop. So far it hasn’t disappointed. If there was anything that I would change it would be the size of the controllers as they are quite small in my large hands. I only use them for No Man’s Sky and SkyrimVR, though - and the Pico 4 is awesome with that game.

I spotted this at Race Dept:

and it reminded me of a classic car & bike show I went to last year, where - guess what was there? Yup…


Well iRacing cost more…and its harder to drive. iRacing has more options and more official tracks. iRacing has AI now as well. I mainly use it for oval racing, hard to find anything better on the Oval side. If I didn’t like oval racing iRacing wouldnt even be a thought for me.

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I’m considering looking at the RSRBR champs again. I’ve been sorting through my many old race sims add-on discs and all I’ve got on storage drives etc and I have several different versions of RSRBR from over the years since v4 and I think they will all work without needing any internet connection, so probably have a go with one or two first (as I also think different versions can be installed on the same rig) and see how I get on.

I think 2009 was the last one where I took part in online rallies - might have been 2011. I’ll also try and get it working in VR. My last attempt failed miserably, but I still have the files by the awesome kegetys.

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DId a bunch of iRacing Oval AI racing today,


Balls of steel. See what I mean about how bright the tail lights are IRL?


Aren’t they likely to be affected by viewing through the camera lens just a bit at least? Can’t think of the process’ name. So they seem more bright and “bloomy” than they would to the naked eye? Though I suppose they would also get a bit that way through a windscreen, too, so perhaps not as much as with the naked eye.

edit: having said that, you’d want them to be bright otherwise why bother? :grin:

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You are probably right about that Johnny. For me it’s not how bright they are, but how far away you can see them. In fact they look almost overdone in the prototype cars IRL, but perhaps that is needed at 200 mph +. This might be a frame rate consideration, but I’ve noticed that in AC the taillights are only visible within a short distance from the car you are behind.

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On a motorsport theme (while not a sim) this was my absolute fave trailer of all time - still have it on VHS tape! :smiley:

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Preparing for the first Cup race tomorrow, a hotlap at Monza in rFactor 2 with the Cup Porsche 992:

Now, how to get into the :slight_smile: