RAF 100 Years Coin.

I bought this £5 proof coin, commemorating 100 years since the Royal Air Force was established.

It has got this old broad on ”todder” side :wink:

Coolest Queen ever, if you want my opinion.


I highly recommend The Crown on Netflix, if you don’t watch it already.

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Binged it!
Great series!

Being an ex-RAF bod, I approve of this thread :wink: . That’s a very neat coin, although I think the Typhoon or Tornado would have been a better choice for the modern era jet.

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IMO, 617 Squadron is going to look all business in their Lightning II.

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But I kind of feel the Tornado deserves a spot on the coin, for serving in a war.
The 35, cool as it may be, hasn’t earned that respect yet.

At least if you compare it to the other aircraft on the coin…

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