Raspberry Pi 4

I’ve had RPi’s since version 2. I love 'em and I’ve learned a lot. Last year my iMac died. It was parked next to my Windows machine where, up to that sad day, I so enjoyed having the two screens. Recently my daughter expressed an interest in learning Python as a first step into coding in general. I bought the new Pi 4 with 2g DDR, a new 27" monitor and a cheap keyboard/mouse combo all for $280 and put it in the Mac’s old spot. I am test-driving the setup as a potential cheap kit to put in her room. It is nothing like the previous versions. Where the others were sometimes slow and clunky, the 4 is fast and stable. The old Pi’s struggled a bit with video. I’ve been watching the Vuelta (bicycle race) on NBC Gold with the Pi while running little bits of C script with no skips or disconnects. They claim 4K is doable but I can’t test the claim on the cheap screen. In the past I may have sung the praises of previous versions on Mudspike as legitimate desktop replacements. I’ll admit that such talk was premature at the time. Now it’s for real.


Very crafty @smokinhole - getting your daughter to learn the programing language that will allow her to build you specialized tools for X-Plane.


I recently bought a Pi 3B to use with my 3D printer. I got the 3B because it was in stock and is enough to run the Octoprint app. The Pi4 sure looks like a very powerful little computer. So here I am, at the bottom of a deep hole, smelling hot Raspberry Pie… :wink: