I believe stated plan is once ED does the lifting for the APG-73 and ground radar in general, Razbam will do the work for a B+.



Gotta be close now…

Yea don’t even bother. It’s got MFD’s. It’s got a HUD. It’s got bombs hanging from the wings. It takes off vertically. Like in straight up into the air. The 2000 shipped without smart bombs working. Hey, what are you doing? Why do you have a bucket? Is that cold water? Put that down I am serious…


@Deacon211 What’s the your opinion on that take off/start up videos?



Razbam sure keeps us in the loop with all these vids.
I love it when a developer does that!

I don’t mind the work in progress and that everything is subject to change. I like to see and follow the development process.


It’s not a RAZBAM issue, but I realllllllly hope ED fixes the sliding issue on ships.

It’s been a thing for years now. That it’s still there is a problem and it would be pretty embarrassing to have so many ship launched aircraft releasing within the next year or so and not have that fixed.


Well, they can’t have carrier ops with that… :slight_smile:


I’m confident that the developers from ED and 3d parties will do everything to get the best naval simulation for DCS. That means bugs and immersion killers like these will be removed upon release of aircraft carriers or ships in general.


One of my co-workers is like that, the other one the opposite. He remembers a ton of project numbers, part names, dates, torque value’s etc. It’s a bit scary at times.


The first company i worked at, there was a tester who only named variables numerically, like aux1 to aux9. nobody could ever read his code but himself. Oh, and at any point in time, you could ask him and he would tell you his own age in seconds. Really smart guy, in some way. Also he believed that he could hear which polarity his hifi amplifier was plugged into mains. LOL


I wish I could say the same. But I am not so confident anymore.


I’m with you. The interaction physics with ships has been terrible for a long time. Looks very silly staring at a cool harrier module sliding all over the deck when parked. I’m not sure who is responsible for it as razbam has created this ship. I wondered the same about the F-14 and heatblurs carrier as well.


How that? Have you been allowed to take a closer look at carrier assets or the overall naval simulation in DCS in order to get your view? The WIP images/videos that got published by RAZBAM or other 3d parties over the last few months weren’t disappointing, visually at least apart from sliding issues which are probably going to be resolved.

The new water waves look and behave great and I think they are an important aspect of the naval simulation.


We will have to wait and see about the ‘oiled’ flight deck feel but I think that we will see an improvement in the coming months. I think* that this is an engine issue so RAZBAM and Heatblur would need ED to provide the fix.

I would dispute the definition of terrible though. It is not the best at this point but it used to be worse. Right now I am seeing (in DCS World 2.1) a side-to-side slip as the ship rolls but there used to be a problem that, if the ship was under way, you would fairly quickly fall off the back based on the ships speed. That seems to be currently minimised.

I have not checked all of the parameters (pitch, heave, roll and speed) but I would say that most have been accounted for in some manner, we are just left with a slide based on the angles.



It is a general problem that applies to all ships (that has been said by ED) and a major pain in the behind of helicopter pilots for years. Landing on a pitching deck of a cruiser is hard enough already without the simulation engine trying to kill you as well.

I fear this will be fixed at the earliest with the release of the carriers. Which will be at some point after the F/A-18C according to Wags.

Razbam is not at fault (and they cannot fix it) and I am sure we can have fun with the Harrier without landing on ships so no problem I guess.

But the main reason I am not confident anymore is that ED has been neglecting important aspects of the simulation environment for years despite claiming otherwise.
Weather, ATC, and AI are examples. There are videos from 2013 or 2014 with Wags talking about new ATC, new weather and all that being there “soon”.
I don’t see any reason why this one should be different. I believe in something when it is released, not a second earlier.

Wags signature says Everything is subject to change. That includes the goal of having a properly working simulation environment (stated when DCSW was released) as well it seems…

It is hard to believe in anything they say these days. I hope that changes again because there are no alternatives.

EDIT: Ok on retrospect this post sounds as if I was a DCSW hater which I am not. Just disappointed.


The F/A-18C is being positioned as the new flagship aircraft for ED in a way we have not seen since the A-10C. A fundamental element of the F/A-18C, the environment where the vast majority of them are used, is carrier ops. A carrier in pitching seas, another feature they have repeatedly pointing out, with a deck full of slip’n’slide Hornets is going to generate a massive amount of complaints and reflect exceedingly poorly. I cannot fathom this not being fixed upon release of the F/A-18C.


Not any longer. Now it’s something about some bug… Wasp or Bumblebee or something :wink:


Maybe a little :slight_smile: but there are some valid points in there but I believe that ED is likely just as annoyed that they can not get to addressing the weather, ATC and AI issues, more than we might be. I know those items are still on their ToDo list, something else seems to always come along and bump them down a little.

I do not think that we should assume that no obvious attention (from our end) means that ED no longer cares.

I seriously disagree with this. I think that we get overhyped about even the smallest statement, that translates into disappointment and over time that is what we are remembering the most. Normandy (DCS World 2.1) has just come out, after a lot of work behind the scenes, and the work on the WWII aircraft has continued at a measured pace. I think that we have to be patient and take news on the developments in the manner that they are given to us … as honest reports on progress … and remember that we do not have good insight or information to make a lot of the judgements that we, as a community, make.


Indeed…just got out of the sim from our checkride (VOR circle to land at JFK for about the hundredth time)… Getting ready to head to Esparzas for some margaritas and food… :mexico:Then the freedom bird home… :airplane: