RAZBAM F-15E Update


Was really looking forward to this one


Was my first thought exactly. T’Pring deserved a good le-matya mauling for that!
Of course the T’Pring in SNW seems much better…

Fighter Ops probably takes the cake on the hype train award. Didn’t a number of people put money down only to have the dev just pull the plug and walk away from the project never saying a word? I’m surprised there wasn’t some class action lawsuit.


Did they refund or pull the rug and run @chaz?

yep, forgot about that.

btw isnt something similar happening right now with some other hyped title? forgot the name, but was something called too predictable for a sim.

Track While Scam… oops sorry, Scan


It was so long ago- 2005,6, 7. I don’t remember the exact details. but I recall there being some gofundme/crowdsource type pre-order plan that people participated in. The developer was pumping out screenshots and videos on their website, and it was looking so promising. Looking back, FigherOps was set to be what DCS is now and perhaps more. Then one day-week-month, there was nothing and the project just disappeared with many upset people. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Jet Thunder experienced a similar fate minus the pre-order thing. The whole Falklands-Harrier battlefield got hyped pretty good. Then, Thunder Works just disappeared.


It’s kind of like getting a new airplane in the business aviation world. It’s never a done deal until the aircraft is sat on the ramp.


Yes I remember Jet Thunder, which was to be the next Strike Fighters, and FighterOps too.
I had a SimHQ calendar wallpaper with a 3d schematic of an A-10 that was some month in 2005. Meanwhile the A-10C from ED came out 5 years later and hasn’t been surpassed yet except by the A-10C II. :slight_smile:

There was also CAP2 with the Harrier, don’t know what ever happened with that one but at least it was playable as unfinished as it was.


Still waiting for that Windows 11 Master Compile of SF2…


If I’m remembering correctly, I think the programmer for jet thunder sadly passed away. Was looking forward to that one too.


Wasn’t that first announced in early 2020? Or was it 2021?
Either way…sigh…

it was before 2020, like late 2018…
Still says coming soon on their website,
SF2 Complete is 99.99 with all SF2 Plus DLCs.

If it’ll run fine on Win10 without all the extra nonsense, the TK gets the 1 finger salute. I’ve got my stuff backed up someplace.

(Not mine) A DCS: F-15E playlist of all videos so far. By Don Rudi/Carsten Gurk

Just to ease the hype along…taken last weekend at Seymour Johnson.


:+1: :+1: :+1:
That’s Awesome!!!

That looks SO MUCH like videogame! :astonished:


So, with the Mudhen turning short final, what would be the best currently available aircraft to use as a trainer? I’m guessing the Hornet or Harrier.