Check your special options setting for MiG-19, I think you can set up one preset (more realistic) or two over there.


You can preset a NEAR freq and FAR freq by using the tab that I guess is supposed to be a hangar (where they do the maintenance stuff), but that I thought was an envelope…don’t ask.

I haven’t even tried to tune using the LH tuner thing given that the RH, where you have the dials and signal strength in the same area, is difficult enough. So what I do is preset NEAR and FAR for two navigation points, and then use RH controls (FAR?) to manually set any additional stations, one at a time.

The KB has a page showing the presets (actually 3?!) but it is currently blank. This page also shows the 6 (?) comms radio preset freqs. Important, as I found out yesterday, to set all six for various potential divert fields for the flight.


Whoa!! I think you’re on to something @Hangar200.
Setting 2 freqs in the ME, then toggle the Switch from near to far ? This is for Just the radio on the right? I’m thinking this could work.
If you get 6 presets I will make a Hangar200 doll and push pins into it. For Sure!!!
@Baltic_Dragon, Sorry, bad swimming day. I had my tea now so I’m finding my zen.
I set two frequencies in ME. I then start the mission. Freq in FAR shows up on the ARK-5P and works. Turn off radio, flip to NEAR one turn radio on, I get some other station I have not set.
Other observations;
Cant move Freq Ranges w radio off. Both Sides.
I have a full head of hair but this can soon change if I keep pulling it.

Good Day gents!


Oh, One more thing. My beloved Tiger is now cannon fodder for the Farmer. Just “Farmed” me two Tigers back to back. This is one powerful Mikoyan Guverich!


This screen shot needs a bit of set up. A simple ME mission. My wingman and I are tasked with intercepting a RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft (which the capitalists have disguised as a harmless KC-135! Tricky, tricky!). The RC-135 is being escorted by two TAF F-4Es. We are loaded out with 2 x AA-2s and rocket pods.

With the GCI we successfully execute a stern conversion intercept and are moving in for the kill. The F-4’s break off and come right at us. One fires a Sidewinder at me, forward carter, which doesn’t seem to track but detonates close enough that I hear a thump.

I tell my wingman to cover me and blow through the merge to get at the primary target. I am closing the range and have a good “squeal” from my missile. Then a louder Thump a rather violent un-commanded roll…and after waiting too long (to get a good screen shot) a low altitude ejection that sent me merrily skipping over the wave tops to my death.

So evidently this is what happens when a Sparrow hit’s your Mig…I don’t think this will rub out.

Let’s try this again…

Pretty much the same initial engagement. I blow through but this time my wingman has one of the F-4s well engaged. And, tihs time I’ve got my (primitive) RWR on. Just as I am getting close to my own missile launch range the RWR box starts emitting some desperate sounding tones…no problem I’ll just pop off some chaff and fares…um…were did I map that…hey…now wait a minute…come to think of it I don’t recalling anything about cha…THUD! and my world goes black.

So this is what happens when you get a Sidewinder up your tailpipe. Less than the AIM-7 which you would expect from the smaller warhead.

note the damage modeling…I think that’s a radar antenna you can see in there.


2 presets for the ARK-5, NEAR and FAR under the Hangar icon tab
6 presets for comms radio under the radiating antenna tab


Ohhh Radio presets are easy peasy. I thinks its six sir.
Great Screenies. Try engaging the Phantoms first. The KC is not going to outrun you. I hit 1200 mph today. Woohoo!


My initial purpose was to play with the radar as I have yet to lock up a target (before the darn thing overheats…evidently standby isn’t good enough) - check the difference between wing size settings, etc. I had all the Blue guys set to ROE Hold Fire, but that doesn’t seem to work. I guess I can try a 0Nm reaction range. Or easer, I’ll just replace them with red aircraft.


**Those are Spectacular **


And now it’s time to eat humble pie. The reason I have not been getting along w my radio is because my list of Morse codes was mostly wrong. So of course, I never could figure out why I had the “wrong” station. I just got Gospadin list of Airfields and this should solve my problems. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/1523987

My sincerest apologies to all of you who are trying to guide me. Thank You for hanging in there. In the morning I will try again.


Nicely done. Love the write-ups.



@miRage, That’s exactly how I feel. But, I had me a little dawn flight in The Beast this morning. Loaded the ME with two Freqs. Gelendzhik 1000khz and Krasnodar Cntr 625Khz. I heard the song of their beacons before I even lined up on the runway at Sochi. Took extra tanks so I could push her hard. I was at 10000m and saw that thin layer of cloud above me. I had to get above it… I got to 13500m before Gelendzhik. Looking down through the clouds was magical. I then dropped down to 11000m. Tuned in Krasnodar with the flip of a switch. I made a 20 degree dive for that Big Lake. Uhmmm, only 1200kph indicated… Oh yeah, drop the tanks. Now she was cooking and I hit a bit over 1300kph before I had to straighten up. Flew over the Lake at 1200kph (Where is my wake ED :frowning: ) Went straight up to lose some speed and have some more fun. I finally calmed down enough to put her down. This is one lovely machine. Everything worked as it should.
Thanks @Baltic_Dragon and @Hangar200 for getting me on target. Please get the Gospadin’s Kneeboard. I set that up this morning and I will never fly without custom kneeboards EVER again.


Don’t worry. My Morse-Fu is weak as well. If the Station does not contain a S, O or E, I’m clueless. I need to write down dashes and dots during briefing.


I try to memorize the rhythm of the Morse.


Maybe I should put this on the kneeboard:


Domo Arigato, Mr Robato


Its a beautiful morning. Lets go find trouble

Pinging the target

Oh Im HIT!!!

Time to Ditti Mao


I believe it’s di di mao. Also great shots!


Cool shots. :slight_smile: