For some additional background info on di di mau: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/di_di_mau


That’s an awesome morse code helper!
When I trained for this for my pilots license morse exam, I used a training program called the Western methode, here in Norway.
It’s basically teaching morse code phonetics.
A is ._ But instead of a short and long beep, you hear «did-Ah».
B is «Be-bip-bip-bip»
C is «Ce-ti-Ce-ti»
and so on…

After hearing this for several hours, you stop hearing the dots and dashes. You start hearing in phonetics.

Totally useless knowledge for a modern pilot, though. We only use it to identify navigational stations, and those are marked on the charts, with their morsecode… But, I had to learn full morse coding to get my license, so that’s what I did.




Nice find…


Interesting. I’ll have to try that. As USN officers were were only required to learn the morse code for the letters S and O…

(Think about it…it will come to you. :grin:)


Sh!t Outta … ? :trolleybus:


Um…we had to learn the S twice…hint, hint…


Sis-sis-sis, oh-oh-oh, sis-sis-sis :slight_smile:


nope aint no sister comin to rescue you buddy, too many sharks. :nail_care:


Learn something every day!


The flight modelling of this monster got a touch-up today. It no longer is the unconquerable beast of the east and that is great. The nose starts “seeking” left and right at high AoA, which jives with what I read about it.

I did not manage to put it in a spin in a short test hop I just did, but sustained turn and high-AoA are definately nerfed back to something more akin to what you’d expect.



Seriously, great news!


Oh yeah, much more fun. Still a beastly hot rod. I utterly outflew an ai F-4 just now.


She got some good updates. Good to see this support.


I can’t wait to get it on MP and splash some Tom-kitties with m y mighty AA-2s! …or not. :hushed:


I’m going to meet those Tom-kitties in my trusty Yak-52 and dance my way around their missiles. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Comrades Nudelman and Richter will tear big holes shaped like hammers and sickles in those big slabs of aircraft.


The Grim Reapers have a excellent set of tutorials for the Farmer on YouTube. I just went through the Nav tut and its awesome.


I will have to try that! :slightly_smiling_face:

I went through the DCS Nav tutorial…a bit of a time crunch trying to load the NEAR FAR freqs for the low-vis landing…but lot easier to understand and work than the Mig-21 system.

I do have a bit of a disconnect with the manual’s description of “tuning” preset freqs (from the ME) and how it actually seems to work. Somebody correct me if I am wrong, but the preset freqs are already (programed) as long as you do not manually set a frequency.

Example: I set up a mission where I will be using an NDB (307 kHz) on the way out and an NDB (662 kHz) on the way back. I set them into the ME under NEAR and FAR respectively. After start up, I turn my NDB radio to COMP. As I switch between NEAR and FAR, the needle jumps between the two (both are in range). However if I retune the NEAR manually, then that NDB is the NEAR wen I switch to COMP. Correct?


Correct. That’s the way I see it.