Sounds like an aircraft that’s not designed to return to base…! :flushed:


Haha!! Well…They did give it two engines and a Parachute :slight_smile: ,I Struggle on a daily basis trying to land The Mig-21,This one sounds like it could be a bigger challenge.


Does it use the brakes for steering on the ground like the other MiGs? That sounds like a challenge lol


Yes, yes it does. I’m ready for it. I go to bed at night and say " Give us the Farmer, Amen". Seriously it’s like the other two old MiGs. I just hope it handles better than the 21 and punches better than the 15. I’ll be happy w that. These simple yet complicated aircraft fascinate me. Someday hope we get a 17 too.


The -15 don’t punch hard enough for ye?! lol! That thing will eff things up!

But yeah, to have a couple primitive missiles to go with all the dakka is great.


All found within the new MiG-19 section on the ED forums.


Mig-19P has it’s own forum section now…getting close
" Hello folks,
In this thread we will post the advance status of our newest RAZBAM addition to DCS World: The MiG-19P Farmer “B”

Currently Enabled Systems

Flight InstrumentsAMG-10 G-meter

  • Landing Gear, Flaps and Airbrake Status panel
  • Nose gear brake lever (enables the nose brakes).
  • Landing gear lever
  • Neutral Trim advisory lights (Bank and Pitch).
  • GIK-1 Electric Gyrocompass: Shows current heading, selected course and bearing to selected NDB station.
  • ADI-1 Attitude Indicator. This is an inverted ball model.
  • BD-20 Barometric altimeter (in meters).
  • KUS-2000 Indicated Airspeed indicator (in Km/h).
  • EUP-53 Bank rate indicator.
  • RB-5 Radio altimeter (0 to 600 meters ASL).
  • VAR-150 Variometer (vertical speed in m/s).
  • MS-1.5 Mach meter. Indicates both mach and true airspeed.
  • Clock

Engine Gauges

  • Engine temperature (Celsius)
  • Engine tachometer (in RPM)
  • Fuel gauge (liters). Only shows the fuel quantity for the No.1 tank.
  • Voltmeter
  • Military Power Advisory lamps. Turn on when the engines at are MIL power.
  • Brake pressure indicators.
  • Main Hydraulic System pressure indicator.
  • Emergency Hydraulic System pressure indicator.
  • Main Air System pressure indicator.
  • Emergency 1 Air System pressure indicator.
  • Emergency 2 Air System pressure indicator.
  • Low Hydraulic Pressure caution lamp.
  • Advisory/Warning Lights Panel.
  • Empty fuel tanks warning lights

Flight Controls

  • Flaps control panel
  • Trim system

Environmental System Gauges

  • MA-150 Oxygen level gauge with “breathing” indicator.
  • M-2000 Mask oxygen pressure.
  • Cockpit pressure indicator.

Electrical System

  • All power switches on the right panel
  • All circuit breakers on the right panel


  • Armament control panel
  • Rocket control panel
  • Cannon master arm buttons
  • Bombs master arm switch
  • Rockets jettison switch
  • Bombs/Fuel tanks jettison switch
  • Cannon, bombs and rockets advisory lights
  • Gunsight distance, span and dive angle selectors.

Radios & Radar

  • RSIU-4V Radio
  • ARK-5 ADF system
  • Intercomm
  • RP-5 Izumrud radar




Will this be released as early access or feature complete?


complete future access :wink:


I think he mean EARLY access. I want it yesturday, so I’m willing to pay and develop it w Eazbam


So, one must choose between being able to see, being able to shoot, and being able to stop.

Challenge accepted.


Yes exactly, I like RAZBAM but I don’t really plan on buying their early access aircraft anymore since development just slows down so much after they release it in that state.


I’m happy with the Mirage and Harrier. Sure things could have been better, but it is what it is and it aint what it aint. Looking forward to getting my MiG on while blasting the Soviet Army Choir with the volume cranked to eleven!

( @admin we need a CCCP flag, a red star and something denoting communist worker paradise in our emoji library! )


Oh I am happy too with them, the Harrier is my favourite aircraft right now, but I do feel a bit burned by the lack of progress on it in the last few months and the amount of bugs that do still exist. Zeus used to be very active during the Mirage’s development on the forum so it didn’t bother me a lot back then but now with the Harrier it’s different so I figured I ought to wait for complete products from them.


Here you go comrade the CCCP flag emoticon:





I always thought they should make this the anthem instead:


They’re going to implement pilot motions too :slight_smile:

Still WIP
This way to the motherland (Taxi Wave signal )

You see me, you don’t see me (Pilot Visor)



'Cause the IP holders would have a hissy fit if they did.