This is a must have…


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I think they were all just kidding \whisper


That’s probably true :slight_smile:



Me gusto mucho!


Glorious MiG of glorious design is looking gloriously ready to rake in the glory for the people!


:cccp: Shiny! :cccp:


The only part I don’t like about the Farmer is the limited amount of gun ammo. That part sucks.


I love the look of the old MiGs.
The rest of them… meh. I think the MiG-15 is the only plane in DCS that I have flown less than the Hawk.
The MiG-21 on the other hand… that’s where it starts for me. Radar, missiles, quirky but cool Mach-2 capable flight model.
Not sure where the MiG-19 fits in for me, we will see.


Dude! The -15 is one of the most fun planes in all of DCS! those guns! they dont go ratatat or even bwaaarp like capitalist kiddie bbguns… noo comrade, MiG-15 guns go Blyat! Blyat! Blyat!

Truly, for sheer trigger pleasure, nothing beats MiG-15. Search your feelings, you know it to be true. :cccp:



Ok, I give you that, the feeling firing the guns IS amazing.


I thought I would never be interested in the MiG15, but I was in love with it the moment I first flew it (which was in VR). I had a blast flying it in the Museum Relic campaign. I am sure I will enjoy flying the MiG 19 too.


…made me giggle…


Glorious MiG of glorious hotrod design looks ready to go :cccp:
Little bird tells me Januari 16th is takeoff day… Za Rodina!




Dear Fiance,
Hope you understand why I’m asking you to stay on vacation. The Farmer is here.
Talk soon, got to…


Hey guys,

As I am currently building the training missions for the Farmer, I thought I’d share some of my thoughts.

First a disclaimer: I NEVER flew any of the Russian jets. I wasn’t interested. So when I was asked to do the training and build some missions, I was hesitant but thought I’d give it a try.

And as soon as I did I had what @PaulRix is describing: I fell in love with it. The cockpit and the model are stunningly done. It is massive inside, you feel like sitting in a tank (especially in the VR). It is crude and advanced at the same time, with lots of gauges and buttons. I have to say at this stage (so pre-release) nearly everything is working as intended.

So for those who love Soviet jets, you will fall in love with it. For those who don’t - you will fall in love with it. I’ll make sure to make some nice content mission - wise (probably not a campaign at this stage, but a good training and some SP / MP missions for the MiG-19). I’ll keep you posted, I will also be posting progress on the training and mission building on my Facebook Page.


If not, Nadezjda will come for you: