I lied. I hate them. I HATE THEM!


I hate them more! :heart:


_Thought we would share a 4k background of the upcoming Farmer: )



Wonderful news and I am sure to add this to my “Mig Collection”, currently 15, 21, and 29. Plus I am fairly sure you can find on YouTube, Navy Ace Randy Cunningham (who I met years ago…before he went to prison) describe his encounter with and shoot down of a Mig-19, purportedly flown by NVAF ace Colonel Tomb…all good Mig-19 stuff.

That said, I among others would really like to see a Mig-23 or Mig-27 …really, really like to see. :slightly_smiling_face:


MiG-23 for sure, but I’m a little sad that the 17 was passed over. While the 19 is a more interesting aircraft, the Fresco had almost 3 x the air victories as the Farmer. I remember my dad saying when he got back from Da Nang in ‘68 that in no way should a Phantom engage a 17 in a turn fight. Seems obvious, but the little MiG was very much on his metaphorical radar at the time.


Perhaps that one can be reserved for a new development team looking for a starting aircraft to introduce.


In fact this one, the -19 is the “trainer” for the team that is aiming to do the mighty flogger, the -23!


Yeah! What he said!


I too believe the Fresco deserves a place in DCS. It is without a doubt a big piece of 60s to 80s history. I like flying the '15 a lot. I imagine the '17 to just be better.
As mentioned above, sad to see it bypassed. But I did put my credit card on alert for the Farmer.


I’m sure the 17 will eventually be picked up to develop as a module. There are a still a lot of great aircraft that would be worthy additions to the DCS plane set.


A good point. There are “mainline” (or maybe just “popular”) aircraft like the F-15, F-16, FA-18 Mirage 2000, etc., on one side and Mig-21, Mig-29, Su-27 etc. on the other side. To date there are examples of all somewhere in DCS or planed for it.

Then there are the “niche” aircraft…(with all due respect to @Troll), the Viggen is definitely one…others might be the SEPCAT Jaguar, F-8 Crusader, SU-15 Flagon, Yak-38, etc.

It will be interesting what “mainline” aircraft are produced/announced vs “niche” aircraft. Personally, I’d like them all. :slightly_smiling_face:

I wonder why RAZBAM hasn’t looked at doing an A-7. :thinking: I’m sure not an easy port from FSX, however, they did have a 3 volume set of A-7 variants so they had done the research. …plus they did the AV-8 for both FSX and DCS… more :thinking:


No argument from me…
I could not believe that anybody would put that much time and effort in a SwAF aircraft, that never saw use outside Sweden. It’s not where I would put my money, if I wanted to make sure I got a solid return on my investment.
But that’s what’s so great about the module. It’s a labour of love, and it shows.
That said, I think it has sold pretty well…

They will make a killing with the next module though.

Talk about going from one extreme, to another! :slight_smile:



I gotta say that looks like a beautiful plane. Love the reflection of the burner on it


Man I’m gonna enjoy the heck out of that :smiley:


Somewhat related:
I haven’t flown the Mirage 2000 in a while (more than a year) and I don’t own the Harrier.
Are those still being worked on? Or are they feature complete and/or bug free already?

I am asking because I would be a tad reluctant to buy a plane from a developer who has that much on their plate. Who knows how long it would take to get into a good state?

Background for that: I jumped on the M-2000 when it was released and learned all that stuff
…only to then re-learn everything because what looked fairly far along really wasn’t and quite some procedures changed.
I don’t have the time for that, so I’d like to not do that again. Which is why I am reluctant to buy early access planes now.
I don’t mind a bug here or there, or minor systems not getting implemented, but with the Mirage Razbam took it a bit too far for my taste.


Both of those planes are slated for significant work.

The Mirage is being redone based on feedback from French armed forces. This is happening now. Then they move onto the Harrier for missing systems. Evidently they hired a new programmer and gave him/her the Harrier. I’m sure it will take awhile to get up to speed on that code…


Thanks, I’ll rather wait a bit then, as I am not that interested in the MiG-19 in the first place.


I’d imagine the 19 is less complex given the age of the platform, so more likely to hit straight bugs rather than procedural overhauls, but I’m going to wait too.


I only got the Mirage and Harrier last summer, but I don’t play around with the Mirage much because the CAP and interception missions don’t draw me in quite like CAS and strike. I do find the Mirage a lot of fun to play around with, but I end up relying on the guns more than anything.

The Harrier hasn’t seen a ton of huge updates from last summer but it’s seen a lot of small fixes here and there. It’s not what I’d classify as complete, though. Still, probably the most fun module for me, simply due to the versatility.

I’m adopting a “wait and see” approach to the MiG-19 because it’s not really a grail aircraft for me and thus far there’s no bonus for being an early adopter. If there’s a discount for the first week of purchase, I might hop on, but otherwise I’ll wait and see what others have to say about it before jumping onto it. Once again, the mission the Farmer performs isn’t super interesting to me, and it’s kinda outta place for our little world.