Razbam on shaky grounds

Hello folks. As we told you before we got hit by a 7.8, not 7.9, but that was still a powerful shake. Thanks for your well wishes. All of us and our immediate families, including uncles, aunts and cousins, are okay. Our houses got through without structural damage but the same cannot be said of the furnishings. Several stuff, ornaments mainly, were shattered and Ron lost some equipment. A water pipe is busted so we had to close the water supply for the time being. There is no water in the city, but like many houses we have an underground cistern that is almost full but that means we have to guard it like gold. We can’t give a schedule for when we will get back to work, but I doubt it will be this week, At this time basic services are not guaranteed. Our city was hit hard and several buildings collapsed. Many high rise buildings are still standing by the Grace of God only, their interiors are gone. So at this time we will take care of our loved ones and will resume work as soon as things return to normal.


I’m glad they are ok.


Just saw it on the DCS forums. Glad they are okay indeed…

Glad to hear they are ok!

Omg. All the best. I really hope… I don’t know. It’s so terrible that I can only pray.
Such devastation… :cold_sweat:

TIL Razbam are in Ecuador. Glad they are all ok. I really don’t like quakes and have spent a few worried minutes under tables over the years. Hmm, not sure why I live on a massive fault-line.

I’ve been on the fence about the M-2000C. Maybe a small way to show support?

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that would be a decent idea I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

On paper it’s a mediocre plane compared to others in terms of capability of what it can do but IMO it’s just a lot of fun to fly. Also the only real full-click multi-role we got besides the MiG-21 if you want to call it like that.

I wouldn’t call it mediocre. If you put it in an 80ies environment (where it belongs!) it does really well. The radar is really good (although there are some issues that need to be ironed out before it is really usable in a busy MP environment), the Matra Magic II is comparable to the AIM-9, the Super 530D fares pretty well against the other SARH missiles in DCS. If you build missions with that in mind it is pretty even and a lot of fun. Provided you don’t take EDs missiles but the Matra missiles by RAZBAM of course. Up high and fast the Mirage really shines in terms of maneuverability and missile range. Compared to the other SARH missiles the 530D is slightly better at high altitude, down low the short burn time of the motor becomes noticable.

I’ve found it fun to pit against the MiG-29A. I even wrote a little action report about two of my fights against Fulcrums right here on Mudspike. They both entered service the same year so they should rival each other. The R27-ER outclassed the Super 530D but with the Alamo sensitive to beaming and countermeasures as it is it’s still possible to get close to the Fulcrum and give him a run for his money.

I’ve found the radar on the Mirage a bit to easy to lose a lock on a beaming target. Nothing but cold blue sky and sea miles behind the target and the track still gets dropped when being beamed. I honestly think it just needs some tweaking instead of the real thing being so poor.

I’m absolutely in love with the rate of climb. Close to 300 metres per second or something. From the runway up to above conning in around a minute or so. Like you stated the altitude favors the 530D. By calling it mediocre I didn’t mean it was bad. But just like you say the weapons compare to those of the others and it doesn’t stand out in doing anything.

I understand the desire for realism. It’s a sim after all. And I want it to stick as close to reality as possible. But other and export variants of the Mirage 2000 could carry the exocet anti-ship missile and the ARMAT anti-radiation missile. IF it had those or they instead developed a version that had those it would have been a go-to aircraft for being the only western plane that could carry out either role.

I still totally recommend it though. A lot of fun to fly. Well made. I thought it was very cool that it draws the runway on the HUD in ILS mode.

Yes, radar seems extremely sensitive to beaming I can’t imagine that’s very realistic considering the French advertise great look down shoot down capabilities with the RDI.

Also, aren’t the ET and ER variants later developments? I see conficting dates regarding the service entry of the R-27. Some sources say 1983 others 1985 but surely that’s service entry of the the R-27R/T not the improved ER/ET?

I looked around on the internet a lot before, to find out exactly when the improved Alamo C and D models entered service. I have to admit I only found a single reliably looking source wich stated:

В 1987 году ракета принята на вооружение (в вариантах Р-27ЭР и Р-27ЭТ)

As the year the R-27ER and R-27ET where fielded by the Soviet military. With the exact Mirage modification we have right now (I believe approximatly 1986-1987) I think it’s not unreasonable to fight these weapons. The normal R-27R and R-27T are also valid opponents as they are seen carried to this day in Syria. These are much more on par with the super 530D.


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