Razbam polling fans for favorite non-combat military aircraft

Looks like Razbam might be putting out feelers for a future module. My condolences to any F-111 fans out there. Some of the requests are pretty entertaining.

I’d welcome any non-combat military aircraft to DCS. Pretty sure I’ll be duct taping a couple shotguns to the sides of the Christen Eagle II when it’s released.


A STOL turboprop transport in DCS would be neat. I love helicopter ops in DCS but the transit times are long - it would be cool to clean up a FARP with CAS planes and fly in a Herc on the dirt road next to it for capture.


Surprised by the number of people that want a KC-135. Not as surprised by the C-130 and C-2/ E-2… all of which would be cool with all the navy ops stuff coming up.

edit: I’ve been thinking about this… we need a KC-130J Harvest Hawk…


It can still do traditional transport and refueling rolls… but with a little more kick lol


Non Combat? I hate to say it, but Cessna 172 would be an OBVIOUS choice. I would be happy with a Zivko Edge 540 (Read Red Bull Air Racing).
IMO a C-130 Would be GREAT but that is a combat aircraft. I believe that Razbam wants to do a civilian airplane.


Depending on your definition of “non-combat,” I gave them a bunch of suggestions. I’d love to see a Whale or Viggie on the deck of Heatblur’s Forrestal, for example, or an RF-8G if we get more Vietnam-era toys to play with.


Would completely welcome a Cessna 172, I’d duct tape shotguns to the sides of that as well. However, I think Razbam is looking for a non-combat military aircraft; In their (RAZBAM’s) own words “Here is a valid question, what kind of non combat, but military use aircraft”

I’m sure there has been a Cessna 172 utilized in at least one military operation at some point if that helps keep your hopes up.

C130 / C27J or at worst EA-6B, yes- I don’t give up my Intruder dreams…

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I told em An-2 both on FB and on ED page. I would take C27 as eagerly tho.


Does non-combat only imply unarmed or does it mean literally incapable of fighting? While a jamming platform or a recon plane might be intriguing, I will never give 2 cents (let alone $40+) for a transport or tanker.

Some of my favorite missions in F-19 were flying into heavily defended airspace to snap a pic of a boomer in its barn or similar and then sneaking back out, with only tempting glimpses of my presence to taunt the SAMs and MiGs on patrol. :slight_smile: I also would enjoy the chance to fly a Blackbird in similar circumstances.

But a 135? A C17? A Herk? Nope.

Seems like “non-combat” could be pretty broad. A C-23 or C-27 would be pretty cool, though of limited “fun” factor in a combat sim, unless you integrated things like logistics and troop deployments into the scenario.

A CH-53, CH-54, MV-22, or CH-47 would be entertaining in much the same way. But once again: only if the scenario actually makes use of what they’re built to do.

I think C-27J would be phenomenal. C-130s, C-17s, KC-135, and E-2 and E-3 would seem to me to be real far reaches as far as being hugely complex. I would definitely prefer a light logisitics aircraft…the C-27J or the C-212…something like that…

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I’d absolutely fly a C-130 or something in that tactical air hauler niche.

That said I’d prefer something like an EA-6 or EF-111 combined with a rudimentary electronic warfare model

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My vote, the optica. Performance meh, but think of the views.

But i would rather an f-111


I think I killed something like that with a fly swatter once.


An-2 has one of Octopus-G project, and actually has “plans” to DCS (not confirmed officially), but some tal by FB.

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If we talk about big planes there should be a certain Caribou too, if it ever materialize…

Should DCS ever incorporate infantry in a meaningful way then I would love to see a CH-53 or MV-22. Otherwise, not interested personally.

I’ll always vote for a nice Beaver.



An-132 :slight_smile:

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