Really cool Dragon Lady footage

This was pretty cool. One of the pilots I used to fly with at my current job used to fly U-2s…always had fascinating stories about it… As well, I credit the U-2 with getting me into aviation at all. I remember sitting at the end of a runway in Korea when I was about 10 years old and watching a U-2 takeoff and rocket up into the clouds in what looked like a straight up fashion (it was probably more like 30 or 40 degrees…) Totally blew me away and drew me into flight sims, which eventually drew me into flying as profession…


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There is so much to like about that aircraft. The ‘spacesuit’ in the cockpit, the wheel struts placed manually under the wings - considering when all this was designed it’s amazing how well it has held up.

Seems like this happens to a lot of folks.

I guess you could say it got
*puts on sunglasses*
you, too.