Really miss air shows

Hopefully see another soon.


My last one was 2019. I feel the need…

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I really REALLY need RIAT to come back. My whole year revolved around being able to go to that one event and it’s just weird not having it. I can miss Duxford and Shuttleworth without too much drama but RIAT is the one event I always look forward to. From 2 weeks before to 3 days after is just such an exciting time with aircraft buzzing my house, trying to identify noises in the night and hanging around by chain link fences to catch an early glimpse of the stuff that makes me feel alive.
Out of all the covid related irritation and problems for me on a personal level, this is the one that really hits home how much the world has changed for the worse.
People obviously have it far worse and I would never compare the loss of a loved one or friend to the silly airshow because that’s ridiculous but like I said on a personal level this one really really hurts. My kids are growing up so fast and this is the one event that we always share together. It hurts


My last airshow was Oshkosh, 1992. With luck my next Airshow will be Oshkosh 2021.

Yeah I know, it’s weird. I love aerobatics but I’m not a fan of airshow aerobatics and even less of airshow announcers. Primarily going so that I can park the Pitts at the IAC pavilion, camp, hang with friends and maybe spend some money.


I used to do the Scotiish air show at RAF Luchars in Fife, almost religiously, every year … we only have one RAF base in Scotland now and oh wow, by pure coincidence it happens to be a Family and Friends thing, the Red Arrows will be there … I just have to see them live again :slight_smile:

Its Wednesday this week, weather here has been unusually scorching hot, just perfect really, pic in my profile is from a Buccaneer retirement friends and family day at RAF Lossimouth.

Waiting to hear and fingers and toes crossed.

Meanwhile, this is easily the best Aircraft display team in the entire world, the Red Arrows, skim it if you like, but its all just amazing, especially towards end.

Very Very proud of my late Dad for being in the RAF now.

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I do as well. I’ve not been to one in years, but have two planned for this fall.

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So I am stuck in Springfield, VT in crappy weather. I am not alone. There is one other guy here with a Yak-55. We’re in the FBO bored out of our minds with no car and no prospects. (Well I’m ok. I have a tent.!’) His former job? Airshow Announcer! He’s 6’3” and at least 220. Played rugby in England. I’ve decided not to tell him my opinions about airshow announcers. :joy:


Unfortunately Red Arrows after leaving it until last minute had to cancel their display at local RAF Lossiemouth because of low cloud layer and another commitment up the coast that day, and just 30 minutes later after that announcement it was clear sky again … arghhh. Weeks of great weather in one of the best summers I’ve witnessed here too … ah well, maybe next time :slight_smile:

One of the bases Typhoons gave a very good low level high speed mini display though … such a shame, local roads were closed, lots of people had gathered around the base … but safety comes first, always.

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I hope you tapped into some freight dog DNA and ate all of their candy… :popcorn:

One of Marisa’s chief pilots in her office…her husband is an airshow announcer. We went to their house for dinner one night and I was hoping he’d announce the food coming off the grill in that airshow voice…

“Now…coming right from show center…iiiiiiiiiitssss the one…the only…Caaaaaaaaaarooooolinnaaaaaaa barbequeeeeeeeeeee!”

He didn’t. But the food was awesome.


I just saw this. Now that I am in Mecca (Oshkosh) my feelings about airshows and the announcers have altered somewhat.


Soon. Just up the road from me

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Did Pilatus bring a PC-24 to Oshkosh? Any A-1 Skyraiders on display? Man…I’m jealous…

I miss the roar and rumble. My last real airshow with either the Blues or Tbirds was probably 2013. Japan has its own airshows, but they’re out in the sticks without any good public transit. I was lucky enough to see Misawa in 2019. Iruma, the closest to Tokyo and with good public transit, doesn’t have any fighter demos due to the urban location.

I really wish the Blues or Tbirds would tour around here. I know the Blues did a loooooooong time ago. I’m curious to see their new routine with the Rhinos.


I haven’t seen Pilatus here. Haven’t seen a Skyraider yet either. But I’ve only visited Warbirds once. I must say…Oshkosh is better that I could have dreamed. But my opinion of airshows is unchanged. Even Goulian was dull. Shoulder roll left. Shoulder roll right. Rinse, repeat. He phoned it in a bit today I think. We’re 2 and a half hours in and the announcers haven’t paused to breathe once!

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I’ve heard they can eat hotdogs like a pelican and never miss a syllable…

Yeah…I don’t know if they are there or not. The Expo map shows them there near the Textron guys…but I’m not sure…

I haven’t properly explored the expo area. I’ll do that today.

Found it! Is this one yours?


Oh snap! That new jet smell. I’d forgotten how nice that is.


Yesterday the show was terrific. They used so much pyrotechnics that my plane is now covered in ash. The jet assisted twin Yak-55 gave us the most amazing display of power, violence and precision I have ever seen. My more experienced Oshkosh friends agreed. He hovered at 1000 feet. Yawed right 200 yards, stopped, translated left 200 yards, held hover again, then accelerated out. His spin was so rapid that I fully expected the thing to tear itself apart.

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