Realteus ForceFeel seat pads

Has anybody tried them? … Used to have a Buttkicker Gamer, the sort of gadget that would fix to a traditional swivel chair seats pivot, it was the earlier version … it would shake through the floor though and sometimes that’s not ideal with my houses shallow hollow foundation … it would transmit to other rooms too, no good for late night stuff when others were asleep … it could not differentiate from voice in game or normal sim sounds … junked it.

This concept looks interesting though, but with only some few Flight Sim titles supported? it has more Driving Sim than FS titles supported … can it do unsupported sims generically?

Bit of a waiting list too … tempted.

This is what I’m talking about.

I believe that is the new name for the Gametrix JetSeat. If that is the case then yes, it’s pretty good. Very immersive when used in conjunction with VR. The only thing I had a problem with is that the Jetseat wasn’t very comfortable. This design might be better in that regard though.

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I wonder how the Realteus differs from the Gametrix Jetseat.
I wasn’t too impressed with the Jetseat because of noisy motors.
The Realteus may be different, though.

Tempted to give it a try.

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Thanks Paul, but the list of Flight Simulation supported in an add on software package you need to buy too is very limited, barely half a dozen sims, this is my main worry and concern, otherwise I’d be on the waiting list right now too.

Troll, really had my finger on trigger for this just now, went as far as checkout and backed out.

My concern is, the vagueness of the usefulness of it for a flight simmer, or you get a standard software package for free, and its no where clear what that means?

You have to pay more for a Flight software bundle that is extremely limited to half a dozen sims at most, or you can choose a driver software package that includes maybe 10 driving sim games, none of which I own or do.

No word whatsoever if future titles are supported?

Why should the software be that diverse it needs two totally distinct bundles, and a free standard package too with no indication of what it does to support the hardware, much vagueness!

The lack of clarity on the standard software package and what it supports is not helpful.

I only used it for DCS, which at the time was my sim of choice 90% of the time. I have to admit that it is sat on a shelf in a closet right now. It is definitely a cool addition, but more of a ‘nice to have’ verses a ‘got to have’ item.


Gametrix and realteus are from 2 different vendors but should be pretty similar!

According to people who tried it… it’s one of those things that once you get used it… you can’t renounce it!

So i ordered one!
I know they had delays and don’t know when it will be shipped but once I have it I’ll let you know!


Thanks Jimmi and Troll should you get one too, please report back, especially on comfort of use and sims supported.


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If memory serves , Andre makes the Jetseat to be serviceable . This means easy access to the motors , which occasionally need a shot of silicone spray , and very occasionally a replacement . As i understand it , the Realtus is “sealed” . I personally have no experience with either , but read all the ED forums threads regarding them for a possible future purchase .

I read a lot of ED threads as well…

Righ now Andre has only the 6 motor version in stock.
Realtus is 8 motor version… They are slow in collecting orders, getting massage mats from china, and converting them. Having one batch coming i placed the order there… (hoping the waiting time be just a pair of months…)
I suspect that if Andre had the 8 motor version it would have been better to order it from him.

apart from that they both should be trembling pads originally made for massages converted to give haptic feedback to us simmers…

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Still interested in this, but they still seem to support only a few flight simulations and with Deadstick and, FS2020 coming up, would like to know future flight simulation plans before I put in an order.

Being a cheapskate I’ve never tried the Jetseat, instead I slapped one of these cheap Bass pumps under my seat, driven by a 100 watt plate amp I had laying around.
All controlled by the Freeware SimShaker for Aviators in conjunction with the Payware Sound Module and output through a secondary soundcard. (The store is closed for the Summer it appears…)

It gives some really nice feedback at e.g. gear up/down, you can actually feel the wheels fall into place. Also bumps when rolling down the runway, some stall effects and buffet, afterburners, oncoming VRS in helo’s, firing of the gun, and release of ordnance and so on. Effects can be tuned per Aircraft in DCS.
Sometimes I forget to start Simshaker, and then, when the AC starts rolling I’m left with a feeling of something wrong for a bit, until I realise, hey there is no feedback… doh! :smiley:
It really adds an extra dimension to it all, highly recommended!

Oh, and SimShaker should be good for P3D/FSX and X-Plane11 too, but haven’t tried that myself.


Jesus, you’re teasing me…

Me too.

Sorry for the bother, but this I can’t take it off my head…
Let’s say I want to do something like that, I mean a bass shaker attached to my chair, could I ask you some pointers to actually choose the pieces and create a set up?

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raises hand

I would be very interested as well.

My SimBox could possibly use some haptic feedback too…

Spill your beans, please, @dachsdk!

Sure, I’ll see if I can snap a couple of pics of the setup later today :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ok, not the best pic quality, but here goes:

First, the pit and seat.
The seat sits on a box of 16mm MDF which, in turn is mounted on seat rails from a car.
The Bass pump is mounted inside that box, bolted to the same MDF the seat is in order to transfer the vibrations.

Pic of Bass pump mounted inside seat base/box.
It is pretty tiny, a bigger one would probably be better, but I think it works well with subtle effects. No need for the whole pit to dance all over the floor :grin:

The Amp used to drive the Basspump, mounted in left side console.
I guess you could use any old amp for it. This is a plateamp meant to be mounted in an active subwoofer.

Soundcard output pic

Pic of cables from soundcards.
Mini jackstick to two RCA plugs cable that goes in the Amp.

SimShaker setup screens

Pic of setup screen, in this case for the F18.
This is where volume for the individual effects is adjusted.
For Master volume, I tend to use Windows volume control for the particular speaker output.

This is where you chose between JetSeat or SoundModule/Bass shaker output:

And finally, where you chose which soundcard/speakerset should receive the output:


Awesome! :smiley:

Very inspiring but does it work a bit like thew Buttkicker? I had one once, and it was fun, but it was very poor at distinguishing sound, it would sometimes vibrate in a game that had long periods of silence … a stealth game, then kick off when an AI voice was heard, most unrealistic, threw it in the bin ages ago.

What some of these new seat pads claim to do is interact with our sim software, but there really are so little supported sims it seems a waste, off the top of my head, Falcon 4 BMS is, but not much more, the worrying aspect is, the waiting list, the lack of community feedback … I’ve sent off a couple of emails in the right direction and what futures sims might be supported … <---- I think this is very important, but not a word back have I heard, zilch.

Its an interesting concept though, it really is.