Recap of latest patch

So - quick question
I’m a steam supplied DCS World user (addict).
i downloaded yesterday’s patch (around 11 gig) fires up DCS and CTD left and right - apparently an hour or so later there is a 9 gig patch - ran that and lo and behold ‘stability’
So am I patched to the ‘new and latest’ or am I rolled back and sitting in the holding pattern?

Rolled back. 2.5.6 was bugged for steam, patch expected early this week Team is working over the weekend.

Huh. I patched the 16gb one on Sat, guessing that’s the bugged one.

I might give it a few days, catch up on other stuff and get back in DCS once the fixed patch is out and tested.

Hey Wes,

Thank you Sir!
I will hold in the patter until clearance is given :wink:

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I just took a step back and thought how crazy these file sizes are.

We all just downloaded 16gb of files only to find out they weren’t quite right - and it’s (for most of us anyway) a fairly minor inconvenience. They’ll fix it and send another 16gb our way in a day or two, no biggie.

It wasn’t that long ago when these numbers would have been completely mental - imagine dealing with this with CD-ROMs :joy:.

“Please insert Disk 12”


I was over the moon when I got my first 1GB Hdd. It meant I could have Quake and command and conquer on the same drive without having to delete one to play the other


and now I am looking to get a 1tb ssd just for DCS, as my 250gb has only about 60gb left … crazy

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ED has stated that they’ll move to Wednesday for updates only from this time forward, so we’ll be in a holding pattern til then for most of the big issues.

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Whatever happened to the concept of “delta”? My worldwide Jeppesen subscription updates once a week and it typically takes about 15 seconds to revise. Clearly I am no coder but I have a sneaky suspicion that these mega-updates are bordering on lazy.

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Probably there were a lot of files reworked and/or they are part of bigger binary files that make the delta method hard.

In other news: Seems they broke the ground power and ground air? The crew chief doesn’T disconnect them anymore, at least not in the Tomcat.
Guess I picked a bad time to finally learn that plane.

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Certain features are broken on all 3rd party modules like that, not just the Turkey.

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Is it me or are they changing little things that really do not need to be changed? I went to configure controls and noticed they seem to have some type of highlight for an entire column when you select a cell in it. Don’t need that. If they wanted to highlight the whole row, that would be useful…I have been known to accidentally select a cell in the wrong row but never the wrong column.


I assigned a few keys last night and also noticed that.

I think like where they are going, it looks kinda fresh, but there are quite a few things that are broken (and IMO didn’t need the change either, they worked fine. Go try and assign keys in some other sims and you notice how great DCSW is).

Gah… I hope they fix that for release.

Steam is now running 2.5.6

OK…time for me to test the MiG-21 and Mirage2k GPU availability with a cold start…stay tuned.


Send the fire brigade! :smiley:


Rolling equipment now!


Hahahah…you guys are very funny…


( :open_mouth:…a big thanks to @Troll for lending me his new fire extinguisher…its only slightly scorched…I’ll have it refilled before I return it :grimacing:)

Both used ground power just fine. So the latest update did not brea it for the Mg-21 or Mirage 2000.

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Judging from all the chat around the patch status, I’m going to spend my allocated flight sim time at “ground school” this week - get the plotter, a VNC and e6b out and practice a little for the next Xmas cross country trek :grin:

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Q for Mi-8 drivers, with the patch the throttles are colored orange and not assignable as an axis. Do I need these assigned to an axis? TIA