Requiem’s DCS Mossie Introduction

My friend Requiem posted this a couple of days ago. His work has always managed to surprise me. The BFM videos from the ROF and early IL2:Battles days are still the best primers on propeller-driven air combat. Over the years his audience has probably gotten smaller while the quality of his work has only improved. This tight, informative and repeat-watchable introduction to the Mosquito pushes all the right buttons. No over the top music or “influencer” buy-my-t-shirt BS. Just a well told story that explains why this plane matters.


I have always liked his LTF vids.
Will watch this over a cup of coffee…


I’ve used his videos to make personal checklists, as I’m sure others have done. I agree, this was an excellent primer, or refresher for the Mossie. I’m always amazed at some of the complexity and outside-of-the-box engineering on aircraft of this era.


Requiem’s guides for the DCS Mosquito are most welcome. I’m enjoying the Mosquito a lot and while she is a challenge to get in the air, she is a beautiful aircraft to fly. I look forward to seeing Requiem’s approach to take off and landing. Requiem’s videos are very easy to watch and are always instructive. No fluff or embedded advertising, just the real deal.

The Mosquito modelling could do with some bug fixes still. These are listed on the ED forum so I am confident they will be addressed in time but even as it is I really enjoy it. The engine sounds are just sublime. I’ve damaged more tail wheels with too heavy braking than I’d care to admit but am slowly improving with practice. Low level flying in the Mosquito is so good. I can appreciate why the crews loved it. I’m spending a lot of time in the Mosquito on the Channel Map.


Here is Requiem’s next tutorial:

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