Requiem’s DCS Mossie Introduction

My friend Requiem posted this a couple of days ago. His work has always managed to surprise me. The BFM videos from the ROF and early IL2:Battles days are still the best primers on propeller-driven air combat. Over the years his audience has probably gotten smaller while the quality of his work has only improved. This tight, informative and repeat-watchable introduction to the Mosquito pushes all the right buttons. No over the top music or “influencer” buy-my-t-shirt BS. Just a well told story that explains why this plane matters.


I have always liked his LTF vids.
Will watch this over a cup of coffee…


I’ve used his videos to make personal checklists, as I’m sure others have done. I agree, this was an excellent primer, or refresher for the Mossie. I’m always amazed at some of the complexity and outside-of-the-box engineering on aircraft of this era.