Resident Evil Game and Demo Incoming (May1 - May7)

Gonna get it? :japanese_ogre: (Creepy Crap Ensues)

I hope I get stepped on and choked by that victorian lady! :smiley:
Wait… did I say that out loud?

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Blame it on the near-covid-miss

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Pop Tv Yes GIF by One Day At A Time

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She’s… Big-boned…

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I’m 1.90, I need them big.
(My wife is only a few cm shorter than me…)

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Yes I know…


What I would really like, is to see something like this in VR

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A playable demo of Resident Evil Village’s village and castle areas is coming soon to all platforms!

It was originally announced that the gameplay demo would be available for 24 hours from May 1st,
however this has now been extended so you can play the demo any time up until May 9th, 8:00 PM (EDT) / 5:00 PM (PDT)!

You can try out the game yourself for 60 minutes! You can spend your whole time in either the village or the castle, or split it between the two! It’s up to you.

The demo should now be downloadable:

Playable Period

May 1st 2021 8:00 PM (EDT) to May 9th 2021 8:00 PM (EDT)
May 1st 2021 5:00 PM (PDT) to May 9th 2021 5:00 PM (PDT)

Demo Availability per Platform


April 15th 2021 7:00 PM (EDT) to May 9th 2021 8:00 PM (EDT)
April 15th 2021 4:00 PM (PDT) to May 9th 2021 5:00 PM (PDT)

Xbox Series X/Xbox ONE

April 29th 2021 8:00 PM (EDT) to May 9th 2021 8:00 PM (EDT)
April 29th 2021 5:00 PM (PDT) to May 9th 2021 5:00 PM (PDT)


April 29th 2021 8:00 AM (EDT) to May 9th 2021 8:00 PM (EDT)
April 29th 2021 5:00 AM (PDT) to May 9th 2021 5:00 PM (PDT)

Additional Information:

  • Play time is limited to a period of 60 minutes.

  • Players can select “Continue” any number of times as long as it’s within the 60 minutes. And any players who finish the demo can replay it as long as time remains from the 60 minutes.

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Google Stadia (note for future readers, this is before it shut down in early 2022) has the 60 minute demo playable for free, if you can’t be bothered to install the entire game just to gawk at the large lady.



This figures.

I… uh… yeah.

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Ok, I played it and it’s beautiful and scary.
No, really the engine they put together is absolutely phenomenal.

That said, I hate horror games and I only caught a glimpse of the giant lady.
Worth it. :grimacing:


I haven’t played it yet, but I really do have to make the time. I’m very intrigued by the idea of returning to the Resident Evil universe after all these years: and so far away from the original third-person creep-fest I played as a youngster.

These games are free-roaming and almost open world now, but what will really attract me is when they eventually make the final leap… into VR…

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The PS4 had this back in 2017, but it was kind of short and the playstation struggled with it - it’s being remade for a 2021 release, and I think will be a timed Facebook exclusive on the Quest?

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Definitely a graphical downgrade, but seems worth a shot!

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You know, when I saw this game, I was mostly concerned about would it be scary, and what would the graphics be like.

Lady D was interesting, but just a part of the game for me.

Your reaction was apparently closer to the norm! Lady D is now an internet sensation, with anything about her instantly getting literally millions of views.

She is trending everywhere, and well on the way to becoming a meme.

Who knew? :yum: