Rift owners: 2-month free trial on VivePort

There is a Rift Campaign happening now. For anyone interested in trying some games for FREE. You get an instant 2 months free subscription.


Viveport is the official app store for the HTC Vive, offering gamers a range of free- and paid-for VR experiences tailored to HTC’s VR headset. The store is HTC’s answer to the Rift’s Oculus Home app, and offers a plethora of experiences for Vive owners, some of which are exclusive to the platform – although usually only for a limited time. (It’s worth noting that Vive users can play Rift games on the Oculus Store with a workaround).

Viveport isn’t centred around VR games like other platforms, either. Instead, Viveport wants to offer more than VR-enabled games, offering educational experiences, VR creative tools, virtual cinemas to watch your movies and more. You can even become a pyrotechnician and watch your firework displays safely from the comfort of your HTC Vive, thanks to Pyro VR.