RIP Neil Peart

RIP Neil Peart, same loss day as David Bowie too, 4 years ago

Music is my life, only got to see Rush once back on R30 tour, filled my boots of course but even when Rush called it a day I still hoped there would be one more tour.

Not to be … I guess Rush bowed out at the top of their game and never descended into mediocrity the way some bands do.

No more Mr Neil Peart, no more Rush.

RIP Neil


This news really broke my spirit today.
What a loss. :sob:

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Its hard to come to terms with the news still :frowning:




Aw man that really sucks. RIP

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Drum on, you glorious man.


Rush may well be the only thing my sister was ever able to turn me on to. A 3 piece rock band is only possible with a KICK-A** drummer. Angels are about to learn some rhythm.


Rush was the first band that I really got into. I was in the 6th grade when Moving Pictures came out. My parents had just gotten a divorce and Rush was one of my escapes ( so was Lord of the Rings – and dirt bikes). I had a very good stereo build that my oldest brother left with us when he went away to college. I’d plug the headphones in and just be carried away: journeys through black holes, racing through a mountain landscape in a futuristic world, exploring magical caves… Neal Peart (apparently I’ve been mispronouncing his name for the last 39 years) was not just a phenomenal drummer, but also a master lyricist.

Sad news, but how lucky are we to have had such a man share his talent with us?

“Well weathered leather
hot metal and oil
the scented country air
sunlight on chrome
the blur of the landscape
every nerve aware”


This loss hit me hard as well. I may have memorized every line of every song from ‘Signals’ to ‘Roll the Bones’. We got seats on the floor for ‘Hold Your Fire’ Tour, and I think we were about 15 rows back for ‘Half the World’.

I read Neil’s books, especially the one about his ride across the Ivory Coast with a kid guide who very well could have been myself at the time. Neil was one of those people I would have invited to a ‘fantasy dinner party’.

Every time I take off as a passenger in an airplane, the lines “I look down into the million houses, and wonder what you’re doing tonight”, echo in my head.

I’ll make a $21.12 donation to the Glioblastoma Research folk, as I’ve lost three people now from this horrible, creeping, stealthy disease.


September 12th, 1952 … Neil would’ve been 68 today. An insatiable reader, writer, cyclist, motorcyclist and Professor! :slight_smile:

Glioblastoma also took my other rock hero Gord Downie (Tragically Hip) back on October 17th, 2017.

Glioblastoma also took American war hero and all around great guy John McCain back on August 25th, 2018.

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