Rise of Flight: Big Sale from October 26th till November 3rd!

“Aircraft (except the two Sikorsky planes) and other RoF items are offered with up to 60% discount till 8 AM GMT November 3rd, both in Rise of Flight store and on RoF Steam page.”


Some nice discounts…


Sigh…another sim that I’d love to play but haven’t found the time. Someday…

It is a gorgeous sim, @BeachAV8R. Probably one of the best in regards to giving the feeling of flight. Combat mechanics are also simple, even at the highest difficulty - no MFDs, no radar pippers, no $#!#@ weapon selection switches. The quick missions, single missions, and the beta campaign add up to a LOT of replay value.

The free-to-play version comes with three planes (Spad XIII, Albatros DVa, and the Nieuport 17), which are more than enough fun. You’ll be hooked and owning all the planes in no time!

Not to mention Pat Wilson’s Campaign Generator, which opens up so much more in terms of immersion:


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I can’t seem to get pwgc to work. Just hangs every time I try to load a mission. I gave up on it.

Check your version of Java? Also, there’s a good thread on the RoF forums for issues. Were you using the GUI, or letting the program running external?

Ya I posted in the thread. Received no help. Vanilla campagin was working so I just abandoned it. Was just using the pwcg app. It would generate mission. When I tried to load it from RoF it would just spin endlessly.

Took this opportunity to buy all mods for aircraft I’d not bought already.

Have all the aircraft and everything they can sell it seems.

Like Beach says … its finding time to get really into this again now and I guess thats it for RoF? Future development is over while they concentrate on BOS/BOM I dont really like at all :frowning:

Figured I’d fill my boots while the sale was on.