Rocket League: Mudspikers


I’m on TS now.


Give me 15… Garbage collection tomorrow morning apparently.


Good play tonight.

The Discord thing worked OK, but unfortunately having nudie / porno pics appearing on my screen unexpectedly while connected… means I won’t be back there. Just gonna cause me problems I don’t need or want.

Anyway, next time!

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Double XP kicks off today, right? I’m going to play a bit and see how it goes. I’ll be on in 10 to 20 minutes.

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I’m on for play a bit early this evening. Got some things to do later.



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We need a car shape…


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Some good play last night. I may be on again same time, tonight.

Rhino, are you going to need a new controller?


Ya… I’m not troll unfortunately… No repairing that for me. I broke it pretty good lol. Apparently trying to powerslide too hard.


Prime 2 day is not fast enough… You can’t miss RL for 2 whole days!


To the toy shop!

(these guys jump boost about as well as me… :expressionless:)

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Never fear. It’ll be here tomorrow.


I was just looking at the wireless XBox One controller… Maybe I’m missing something, but I’m not seeing anything about it having recharging features? Can it recharge via USB at all?


So turns out I had an Xbox one controller so that’s good. I’ve picked up a wired controller but it does both so yay. Runs on batteries not a battery pack so no. Though I think you can get a battery pack that recharges.


For when you thought you were awesome good average barely ok

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Lol I saw this video advertised and have been avoiding watching it. I’m well aware I’m middling at best but I’m pretty happy with my current skill level tbh. Theres no comparison to guys even 1 rank above me though.


weee, I get my platinum reward wheels :smiley:


I had some time a bit ago, and broke into Platinum, finally.

Now just getting those remaining 9 wins… :dizzy_face:


I should be back to gaming again by Friday/Saturday. Probably some patches to download, of course.

Goal animations look Ok. @Rhinosaurus did you ever reach Diamond? I didn’t do better than Platinum 2, IIRC.