RotorX Helicopter Build Thread

NOTE: The corporate names “RotorX” (new) and “Rotorway” (old) will be used interchangeably.

Today’s the day. The first crate of four arrives here in just a few hours. With inspiration from @Troll and others I am considering keeping a blog of my progress (or failure).

First, I REALLY need a bigger space:

Here’s what I have so far: Manuals, Templates, Plans and a thumbstick filled with build videos.


I am so excited to follow this thread @smokinhole please updated with even the most mundane and boring feeling stuff as i am desperate to learn all i can.

I really am considering buying a half built pitts that ive seen for peanuts or possibly something a bit more 2 + 2 shaped

Your helicopter build absolutely intrigues me! Good luck mate. Its not gonna be an easy road but i cannot think of a more incredibly fulfilling and gratifying project.

You have my absolute attention

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Wow, that’s exciting. Thank you for deciding to maintain a build thread. I’m sure that there are a lot of us here who will eagerly follow along and offer support if needed.

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I watched this demo flight. Man, that RotorX is smooth.

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That’s the color I’d like to paint it as well.

Here’s the latest…

Two screws from the crate and the screwdriver battery died. An auspicious start!


You’re going to need a bigger workbench me thinks. And one of these. All the rage now.

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I was just there yesterday! I will build a table partly from this crate and attach a vice. I still need a press, drill press, band saw, belt/rotary bench sander and much, much more. And I will also get the slightly smaller version of the tool cabinet you posted.

If anyone wants to move to NJ to help with this thing, I can promise much cursing and maybe the occasional beer.


You will not regret the Pitts. Fly it for 50 hours and if it proves to not be your cup of tea, sell if for what you paid for it. There are planes that are faster, roll better, penetrate farther and are certainly more comfortable. But nothing does so much so well. It is quite possibly the finest flying airplane ever designed.


This is already the thread of the year!!

Looks at the snow falling outside

Think Stephen Colbert GIF by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert


Ummmm. I ordered a helicopter? This looks nothing like a helicopter!

Well I’ve only ever uncrated one thing in my life. So this is a fairly uninformed observation. She’s very nicely crated!


Just fly it.


My god that is terrifyingly spider like

I like it

Within a week you will be walking with a ratcheting screwdriver and a flathead screwdriver in your workpants, elemental multitools that any aircraft mechanic should keep in their pocket!


Just trim it out!

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I’m in love already!

I should have live streamed the uncrating. This thing is airplane-nerd heaven!


Arrgh!! That would of been awesome

Go On Popcorn GIF

Good Luck! …will consider the move, you just cant fly them all at once :sunglasses:

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Except it would have been a 3 hour stream, mostly of me looking at the crate like a monkey looking at an iphone.

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US. us.



The worst part is that we would’ve watched it… Commented on it, even.

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