RotorX Helicopter Build Thread

:grin:. Actually if you read a few posts before the one where I began to realize that the company was failing, I posted the realization that I may be building a total POS. It’s not. Or rather it wouldn’t have been. But it is no Robbie either. Helicopters, unless you plan on medivac, slinging xmas trees, or filming episodes of Succession, are best enjoyed in DCS.


I’m not arguing with that. But I’d still like to bolt one together. I’m not bothered about the flying but the building is cool


Me, in a nutshell!
I think the novelty would wear off after I’ve flown it a summer, but the feeling of building one would last much longer…


I know the flying part is boring. An R44 is, in terms of glamor and glory, a Cessna 172 at three times the cost to rent. If I step away from Eric, the opioid addict, I would realize that I should appreciate the aviation I was given (gliders and acro) and put the idea of beating air molecules by the trillions to bed. Helicopters are work, utility. It is the domain of a different sort of aviator: Blue collar types with tats and ample facial hair. Sure, they like it. But mostly, it’s a paycheck. To those guys, an aging airline pilot who wants to fly helicopters is as mystifying as it is to my fixed-wing friends. And I totally get it. None of this makes any sense to the part of me that isn’t addicted. But you can’t reason with an addict. All you can do is keep your distance.

As far as building goes, way more skill is involved in building an RV-8 or similar. (Not talking the newer quick-build kits). Or a Pitts or Eagle. Working with sheetmetal, wood, fabric and wiring is where craftsmanship is really needed to have any hope of making something that is relatively safe. A good helicopter kit is closer to assembly. But I was challenged by it, for sure. The two biggest joys were the week with my brother and the week in FL where I realized that my workmanship was actually pretty darn good, comparatively. Otherwise, I’d say that the year was 3 hours of frustration for each hour of fun. I wouldn’t recommend it unless building is the only way one can afford to acquire and maintain the machine.


A wise man once said



Touche! :crazy_face:


Embarrassment is a personal thing. You feel it, because of how you think others perceive you. It’s a shame thing.

I have always had your helicopter build thread on one my always read threads. I look forward to your updates, no matter how small, just to see what you are up to.

For me as an IT professional/part time farmer, wannabe pilot who has never been aloft in anything other than a tubeliner, I marvel at what you have achieved.

When you posted about the company issues, I felt your disappointment and was gutted for you.

I still have this hope for you that it’ll be ok.

I love reading about our members interests.

I’ll never own a plane like @Scoop, or ride motorbikes like @Maico/@Victork2 and a host of others, or own rifles like @WarPig /@jenrick /@chipwich… more importantly I see veterans posting of experiences they’ve had which I’m so grateful that I haven’t.

At no point have I ever felt your posts have been bragging.

Than you for sharing your journey, I really hope something works out, but never feel like you are being negatively judged.


This. Couldn’t have said it better.

You’ll find a way to make it the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy yet Eric. If there’s a will…


That’s why they call him keets.


Just to cheer you up a little, @smokinhole
I was visiting the inlaws this weekend. My mother in law had an aunt who was a famous opera singer. Auntie travelled the world on first class in the 60’s and 70’s and used to bring with her some mementos from her travels. Airline cutlery evidently ranked high on her list of suitable gifts for her niece…


Oh that’s awesome! If you have no other option, fly United!

Nice post @keets. Thanks!