Russia says MiG-29 jet fighter crashed in Mediterranean

A Russian MiG-29 fighter jet has crashed into the Mediterranean Sea after taking off from the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier, news agencies cited a Defence Ministry statement as saying on Monday.

They said the pilot was safe after he ejected from the plane and that flights by Russian military planes have not been suspended.

How unfortunate but not uncommon really. That’s the thing with aircraft carriers, either you succeed or you fail horribly. There is no middle-ground.

Whoa, It’s like sending non STOVL aircraft up a glorified ski ramp isn’t conducive to effective naval operations?

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STOVL is not a word I would use to describe most US carrier based fighters.

The US Navy is of the glorious CATOBAR master race. We have no need for such half measures and contrivances as “ski ramps”.

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Ah yes, atleast with a ski-ramp you have a fighting chance if something goes wrong, when you are being slingshot’d in the horizontal you might as well accept instant-death as a glorious salvation.

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I am afraid I do not understand your definition.

I really dont understand why western media gives the Kuznetsov so much credit as a threat. The thing is a deathtrap.

Actually you do have a chance punching out when launched from a US carrier - one of our Tomcats “spit the shuttle” about a third of the way down the cat stroke - he went off the pointy in at 85 KIAS…a bit below stall speed for an F-14. The RIO punched them out and though it was close, both made it just fine. Just say’n


Sure, but that little jump gets you ever so slightly further time wise.

Then again, the bottom is the ocean is really the proper place for a Tomcat :wink:

No? Unless you get some sort of catapult malfunction like Hanger shared, the catapult is going to have you going over the bow at a much higher speed than the ski ramp, thus you can fly/glide for longer, more time to assess and punch out.

On a ski ramp if an engine craps out than you’re kind of toast. You’re going slower, you’ve got a higher AoA, and now you’re not flying so much as falling without style. Compound this if you happen to be attempting to carry the pitiful combat load of a stobar jet.

Tomcat isn’t how you spell “Koninklijke Marine”.


As an added aside, with the new wet-type accumulators, gerund a cold cat is virtually impossible. Much, much more likely to get a nose gear tow bar or holdback bar failure.

Gerund? Either there’s some newspeak there or I’m getting older…
How do you “gerund a cold cat”?

It’s a German saying, when you let your Schnitzel get cold and you find the cat nibbling away at it.

:stuck_out_tongue: Verdammt! I should have known it. Tut mir leid.

It’s a little bit old fashioned. By grandma used to say that.