Russia's Victory in Europe parade

Started when the vehicles begin to do their parade. Found it nice to take a good look at some of the models. The aircraft parade is straight after that. Feel free to tune out after the Su-25’s.

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I’ve watched this earlier today. That Mi-26 is certainly an impressive sight.

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Yeah exactly what was on my mind! Really dwarfed the Mi-8. Also, out of all the aircraft and jets the Tu-95 sure was probably the noisiest!

Interesting that the hammer an sickle is still displayed prominently.

Why would it not be? I know plenty of Russians that don’t hate Communism and the Communist part certainly is still popular. Many people also associate the communist period and the victory in WWII with eachother.

Good points TheAlmightySnark. I stand before you humbly educated. It was an impressive display to be sure, especially the large mobile ICBMs.

Haven’t watched it myself but I am sure it is impressive, the North Korean and Chinese parades sure are.

Note also that World War 2 is known in Russia as The Great Patriotic War, I think that alone tells you enough how people viewed it, and the soldiers that fought in it. They are considered heroes.

Of all men born in Russia in 1923, by the end of 1945 80% of them had died in one way or another.

WWII is far and away the single greatest factor in determining the outlook and strategy of 2Oth and 21st century Russia. It informs their paranoia of the EU and NATO, their fanatical devotion to buffer States, and justifies in their mind their destabilization of neighboring countries.

In their mind nothing is too great a cost or too underhanded to prevent something like the eastern front happening again. Given the devastation wrought, I can’t say I don’t blame them, but I certainly understand.

Just the aircraft compilation…

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