RWC 2023

the world cup is upon us - and even though England is about the lowest form I’ve seen them (not forgetting how bad they were in 2007 when no-one gave them a chance and they got to the final), I’ve been chomping at the bit, waiting for kick-off tomorrow evening!

I spent an hour making a calendar for the pool games, up to the first knock-out game, so I thought I’d post them for anyone who wants a simple schedule. Times are BST - that’s zulu +1.

there are what promise to be some real corkers in the sched - many of the ‘Minnow’ games should be really good, and while I don’t think there will be many shock results as in the last couple of world cups, it’s always possible.

Probable winners imho - France, South Africa, Ireland. In that order - one of those, anyway. :slight_smile:

May the best team win! :clap:t2:


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World Cup?

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If you’re not au Fait with world rugby as it currently stands and the upcoming competition, the Beeb have, for once, posted a nice summary:

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@Johnny I will be wearing this :slight_smile:

@Scoop There is more than one type of football you know :stuck_out_tongue:


I dont follow soccer and assume its always about that as it usually is in the UK.

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Nor do I, mate. Never have. Rugby has always been the main manual sport for me, followed by motorsport.
I have watched hockey as and when possible, mind, since I happened across a womens’ game in the world championships a few years back. GB do quite well.

Bloody typical. The only free-to-air games to be televised here are the Wallabies matches :angry: And I’m too mean to sign up with yet another streaming service so I can get up at stupid o’clock just to watch a few All Blacks games.

Anyway, true to form, the best rugby team in the world gets to the World Cup and chokes. At least they did it now and not during the finals.

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