S..S..S..Shift 2..Shift 4..F1, F3 + key, no asterisk...S...A...darnit..Shift 2

The frustrations of having and loving three different flight sims that all have different view commands…LOL…

DCS World

Always a struggle to move seamlessly between the three…but that’s a great problem to have…


a real first world problem! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I choose to believe these guys are trying to get to the cockpit view…but can’t…!!


According to their smiles I think they finally managed! (No offence)

Geez beach, I already have enough trouble remembering my keybinds when flying a single aircraft for a while!

Throw Strike Fighters into the mix and I end up ejecting looking for the correct camera…


What about mapping your most commonly used views to either a HOTAS or MFD profile and standardizing the controller configuration across platforms? Then you only need to remember the exceptions, like a tower view.

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Wanna talk about the (unsuspectingly) healthy amount of keys available in Rise of Flight?
Like for the multi - engine birds?

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