Sabres and Time Warping MiGs

Had a good time with @near_blind, @Fridge, and @DeadMeat tonight flying F-86Fs in the stable version of DCS against some AI MiGs.

Due to a network issue, the AI kept lag warping just as we got into gun positions, which made for some very frustrating dogfighting, but I’m glad to say I didn’t get shot down. I didn’t get any kills, either, but I did finally land some hits after setting my wingspan selector accordingly (33ft - thanks, @near_blind).

We started off in singles - everybody was taking off/cruising in/fighting solo. Or at least, we were when I joined the server. After a reset to address the time-space-continuum-hopping MiG behavior, we more or less took off as a team - Fridge ate tarmac and rage-quit (not really, it was 1:30am his time!) after his nosewheel steering went sour on him, but near_blind caught up to me and we flew into combat as a section.

As flight lead, I got spooked too quickly by enemy contacts - I don’t know if it was the model enlargement or just my underdeveloped ability to visually judge distance, but I thought 6 different contacts were on top of us when, in fact, they were either way far away, or turning away from us. As a result, I dropped tanks too early and maneuvered our flight ineffectively for combat.

Once we did engage, however, near split into a perfect bracket and we started working the lone contact, the old hi-lo, in-out procedure. Near got some good hits on him, but I couldn’t seem to land anything - until I fixed my wingspan input to the radar gunsight. Even after that, although I landed some shots, that MiG seems to just soak up the .50 cal shells and soldier on. Gotta love that Russian do-or-die mentality!

During the fight, Dead flew top cover, keeping an eye on other contacts in the area so near and I could focus on our Russian ballet.

Near and I swapped shooter role on the bandit a few times to good effect, but I eventually ran Winchester, so I broke out of the fight and went high to take top cover from FridgeDead Meat so he could jump in and help near blind.

But, somehow, we all lost sight of the MiG. He just vanished. I’m still not sure if he succumbed to his injuries or if time-warped back to his home planet, but I’ll chalk it up as a partial kill. “I don’t care if there’s no gun camera confirmation, paint that MiG on my canopy, Chief”.

I returned home while Near and Dead pressed the battle to some other MiG contacts. I was completely absorbed in trying to fly the Sabre in the gusty/windy/snowy conditions at Vaziani, so I didn’t pay attention to their battles. Hopefully one of them pops in here to fill us in.

The F-86F is just so fun to fly in combat. It’s sloshy and wallowy at low speed – e.g., final approach – and the ground handling is a disaster. Not just the fact that the push-to-activate nosewheel steering isn’t exactly intuitive, but the switch seems to work intermittently, even when using the keyboard command. We had one fatality on takeoff and lots of Keystone Kop Kapers on the taxiways.

Other than that (and some more trigger and script tweaking!) the mission seems good to go for the Fly-In! Someone needs to come up with a wingspan chart cheat-sheet.

And a cheat sheet for the default F-86F radio list.


Someone say screenshot dump? I heard screenshot dump.


I was getting pretty tired at that point and the nose wheel steering was telling me to go to bed. Sad that I missed the paired fighting though. I like that.

I found this on the ED Forums

Exactly what Blaze says[: Make sure you’re tracking straight before disabling NWS.]

Also, from what I understand, it’s not a bug, but simply the way steering the F86 works.
Someone will correct me on this but afaik, the mechanisms controlled by the pedal have to “catch” the wheel, so if you haven’t returned the wheel to centre, when you release NWS it unlatches (the mechanism returns to centre, not the wheel) and will require you to relatch it.
There’s also more fun as it’s possible to get the wheel to be turned to a greater angle than the NWS can cope with, meaning you have to use the wheel brakes to bring it inline.

Here’s what the irl pilots handbook manual says on the matter:

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Nice shots, @near_blind! You certainly have the eye of a photographer! :mudspike:

And excellent find, @Fridge! That explains a lot AND should help me prevent it in the future.

I really like both of these planes. Hopefully there is a “Korean Corner” at the fly-in…

There can be … if someone has a mission and there’s enough interest. I know I’d be interested in flying either the MiG-15bis or the F-86F - as long as I had a wingman to fly with.

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I added these to my kneeboard (the general one)

I can’t remember which folder I added those into, but I can check when I get home from work.

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Interesting. In the US, runways are always labeled magnetic, but looking at this chart, some are magnetic, others are closer to true.

Goes here: \Mods\terrains\CaucasusBase\Kneeboard

I extracted both PNG files here and renamed them to be in sequence (leading number in the file name) with the other items.

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