It boggles my mind how some people sail a 23’ foot sailboat (Sam Holmes) across the ocean.

Please add your favorite sailing YouTube channels here.


The smallest boat I’ve been at sea on was a 40’ Colin Archer yacht.

Fun, on a halfway clear day on the North Sea (southern Norway in that case) but I certainly wouldn’t want to cross the Atlantic in that one.

Seeing people do that on even smaller boats is kinda mind-boggling indeed.

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I’ve been interested in buying a sailboat for a long time and a guy at a marine supply company once told me not to buy anything under 30’ just for Lake Ontario!!! :smiley:

Mrs Thatcher visited my workplace and swept by. Her husband Dennis Thatcher stopped and chatted to me for about 15 minutes while the great and the good crowded around his wife. He explained that he no longer sailed. He felt a gentleman should sail a yacht one foot long for each year of his life. He stopped sailing when he turned 71. Every bit as talented as his wife. RIP both.


@Hangar200 needs to be in this thread.

I’ve always had a hankering for a J24, but know that the wife and kids would be miserable.

I like this. :face_with_monocle::tophat:

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My daughters sail dinghies. Start of 2020, my eldest daughter, Ava, got selected to represent Cruising Yacht Club of Australia in a youth undercard race series for the Sail GP (those amazing foiling cats that do 50 knots), called Inspire Racing, when it was in Sydney Harbour.

I got to spend some time on the water with the sponsors in and around the racing and it was pretty amazing - the sound those foiling cats make is incredible close up. A friend who is a pro marine photographer was contracted to the event and got this photo of Team Australia passing near the Inspire junior fleet - he sent it to me in proof form on the day. My daughter’s boat was number 1 - she was skippering so you can just see a bit of her. Incredible photo - she has a big version of the actual shot on the wall of her bedroom.


Alas, I do not think sailing is a viable option any longer. We live on Andfjorden but there are few sailboats here. Conditions not optimal a lot of the time. The sailing season for someone like me would be mid-June to mid-August. In the nearly year we have lived here I’ve seen maybe 6 sailboats out on the fjord.

I’m thinking of turning to horseback riding which you can do all year with the Icelandic breed.


Bobby is sailing in Thailand with an amazing set of women on a gorgeous catamaran right now. :sweat_smile: