Saitek USB Trim wheel and TPM swich unit FS UK Only

Sorry for insistence on UK only this time, due to new Brexit stuff, and current postage costs … its way to expensive to post any where else.

UK only :frowning: … Have posted abroad this year and paid to receive, its just nuts, not practical any-more … sorry.

I have modified the cases of both units with self tapping screws to fit my FS desk situation of old, but they work fine, testing the water just now but happy to provide pics of them working and vids of smooth calibration if needed.

Say, £45 for the TPM and £30 for the Cessna badged trim wheel, £70 for both, postage included to UK only as stipulated please.

Couple more weeks and will put these on EBay, no worries or anything, thought I’d offer here first , sold other gear here no problems :slight_smile:

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