Sale:Virpil T50CM grip, VKB stronghold short

Edit: FSSB and CK37 sold, blurred.

I promissed myself that I would get rid of some stuff I have laying around when I bought the Winwing throttle, now I will unwillingly do just that!

FSSB R3L- Just the base and monstertech plate, the grip is seperate.
Comes with the original pelicase, will include a long usb cable aswell.
It’s in perfect condition, Monstertech plate is a bonus as I can only send along 2 countersunk M8 screws, I have no extra M8 T-nuts home at the moment.
Price: €350 excl. shipping from Sweden

3d printed Viggen CK37- All the buttons work, board is a Leo Bodnar BBI32 and the 7 segment display is connected to a arduino nano.
The display is not programmed for DCS BIOS as I lack the skills for it, but it is functional, just need work to get working with DCS. The display has a 74HC595 chip.
€50 excl. shipping from Sweden

Virpil T50CM grip- Works with the FSSB R3 base, TM Warthog and ofcourse Virpil bases.
It’s not the newest version with 5-way CMS switch.
€50 excl. shipping from Sweden

VKB UCM stronghold SHORT- VKB’s short mount for the VKB gunfighter bases.
Opened, never used.
€80 excl. shipping

I also have an extra TM Warthog base if anyone’s looking for one, give me a offer.



Sign me up for the T50 grip. What would shipping be to .nl?

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I’ll check later today when I go to the postoffice :slight_smile:

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I’ll buy the FSSB R3L and the CK37!

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