Saturday night iL2

@tempusmurphy and I decided to bring terror to the virtual skies once again and take the Hs-129 up for a bit of anti-shipping.

Pair of Ducks in formation

Couldn’t find any ships so headed home. Suspect the Russians are hiding their subs under the water…

Next we took a pair of 109’s out for a spin and planned on taking out a convoy sited north of the airbse.

Actually find the convoy! Tempus rolling for a guns attack in after we dropped our bombload on them.

We are low on fuel so head back to the airfiled and we actually find it and…

…we only go and land it! We are being far too professional here and makes us uneasy…
Next we try the Allies side and jump in a pair of P-40’s and we start to get back to the true Professionals moniker.

I damage my engine pretty much straight after take-off.

And after a bit of flying around trying to find each other…

Tempus does the same and his engine cuts out, he spots a long track that might be a good landing strip…

And then of course I have to see if I can do it…

Looks good to me!!! My wheels popped off and rolled down the track! :joy:

At least we got some kills this time and they were enemy ones and we landed the 109!


A great evening of totally professional flying :grin:




Looks like fun :+1:
Was online but unable to join you on coms guys as I had to listen to the ambiet sounds at home :slight_smile:

Hopefully next time.

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My god the IL2 editor is a pain, it makes the DCS one look like a complete cake walk, the linking of the commands to make units work is a nightmare. In dcs you can just plonk a unit down and it will pretty much then work on its own, some missile systems you need to place certain units, but compared to IL2 just to get an AAA gun to fire you place object commands, timers, activation triggers, and complex triggers, All these have to be linked to the unit that is firing.

Does anyone have any tips for ease of use?

Yep. Pretty much one of my standard Viggen landings. :grimacing:

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I like to think of it as artistic landing :grin:


Actually @tempusmurphy, it’s not actually bad. Just needs to be digested into your memory for a bit and then you start thinking in terms of its language. I would recommend two sources first to get your head around it. These are what I’ve used and I’m pretty comfortable now with the editor.

First, check out this guy’s youtube videos. Go all of them at your convenience. He covers the basics and you can branch out from there at your convenience.

This is first video in the series.

Then I use this particular manual which is quite detailed.

IL-2_Sturmovik_Mission_Editor_and_Multiplayer_Server_Manual.pdf (3.2 MB)

This should help you get started.


cheers for that, gives me something to gen up with

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