Saudi PAC-3 Malfunction...Crashes Into Residential District...

As many are aware, the Saudis came under missile attack over the weekend, and their ABM systems managed to catch a few in the air. Good show.

Except for this one.

It was still in the booster phase of launch when it hit, it looks like, so it hit hard. Can’t wait until we perfect directed energy weapons technology. Can’t outrun the speed of light.

Or can you ? dun dun DUUUUNN !

Sad to hear about the fatality. That is a huge hole

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Yep. About 100kg of explosive in those things. Hate hearing about it, but I’m glad they had them near those urban areas, closest to the actual targets. Makes hitting the target in the terminal phase a little easier. The big worry is always going to be the debris still being carried by momentum raining down on stuff.