Scale Modellers, lets talk :)


The JA version… Going with the two tone grey or the splinter?

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Splinter, using every possible combination of profanity as I mask it.



Is that the Tarangus/Special Hobby 1/72, BTW?

Just gonna leave this here…

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Indeed it is! I’m tempted to get an upgraded seat too, but they’re shipping to Japan is pricey.

I continued with my Lynx today and unfortunately, things are going a bit pear-shaped. :face_with_peeking_eye:

Oh well. I used to have a reputation for this kind of thing. It would start just fine, then there would be disasters, mistakes etc and I would think it was going to be a complete dud - then I’d somehow manage to make the model at least presentable. It’s pretty much my modus operandi! :upside_down_face:


I do that too. I thought (from reading that most modellers did this.


got back to this hobby recently.

I think I didnt choose the best kit for restart. Revell 1:72. looks nice, but few headaches along the build


I was going to get cracking with my double Harrier kit, but considering I’ve had quite a break from serious model building and how the Lynx is going wonky since I restarted it, I thought it’s probably best to start with something a bit simpler first to get back in the swing of things - so I’ll start this one:


I’ve been working on a 1/48 F6F-3K Hellcat drone.
Wired up the engine last night.

Cowls cut and opened


Wiring like that is something I want to try with my Eduard A6M but I haven’t a clue how the wires are supposed to look on an engine.


The A6M used the Nakajima Sakae engine.
Google search for images (I found several) and do your best to match them.
Or there are aftermarket photo-etch sets that include the wiring harness. And/or resin engines that have them molded on.
Good luck and thanks!


Actually I feel dumb now because I’m pretty sure Eduard–being Eduard–has the PE wiring in the kit. :joy:


I was reading an old Airfix magazine and spotted a kit that I would normally really like. I saw they said it was originally by Matchbox, so I’m guessing that’s why I originally didn’t bother looking for it. Their review wasn’t bad, though, so I did a search and found them readily available and today it arrived.


I wish someone would do a modern Twotter kit!

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It is strange. I was reading a build article about a King Air 200 kit in that magazine, as well. They were raving about it but I thought it looked dreadful - definitely the wrong nose shape. Shame cos it was the RAF WSO trainer scheme.

probably this one - looks good on the boxtop (well maybe…) but the built model looked different to that:

They have a 350 too - that looks far better.

ah - I found an article on it - make your own mind up :wink:


I just ordered this…

Paging Mr. @Bogusheadbox


That is very cool. As a kid I got to sit in a F-111 escape module at an airshow at RAAF Amberley.

The ‘Red Roo’ is a nice touch, looks like they have used Roger as a reference?

RIP Roger -


Yeah, it is! I was about to buy their first Escape Pod release, but then they announced a special RAAF Roo edition, so I waited for that.

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Lol that’s funny as hell, with the big red as well!!! :grin: