Schurem's Fight Club (17/12/2022)

Worse, bad judgement of room left. :sadpanda:

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You guys might enjoy this, it’s last weeks’ SATAL 1v1 bfm tournament.

One of the commenters, Paco, really knows his stuff.


We really ought to arrange another bout soon

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Can we do WWI stylee flying circus?

Certainly, I’ll have a peek at how to host. Love to do slightly relaxed realism Great war swirlies.

Tonight (and tommorow night) it’s DCS fight club gentlemen!

So clear out the evening, bid your loved ones adieu and lets get our BFM on. Editing OP for details.

Allright, about to kick it up. One small question. Is the Nevada map still ok for everyone*? If not, I’m going to have to do some exceedingly tedious clicking to port the thing over to either Iran or Georgia.

* @Victork2, @Maico, @Cib, @komemiute, @sobek, @Franze, @Freak, @bloodreina, @Scoop


I’m good with Nevada. It’s nice scenery to be shot into

@Scoop is going to join as well in the hornet. I’ve just text him


Nevada is great for fps

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… and copypasting a bunch of groups across maps is broken, if it ever worked. Saving multiple groups in a template doesn’t work either. F it, Nevada it is.

Come on guys, get your butts on discord. I can’t help setting that up while in VR, as I’m sitting with my back to the screen when flying. Would you take care of those who need help with that @Victork2?

Of course I’ll be taking a break, so I can help during that.

If you want to spectate, join the server and say you want to watch, or don’t get in a plane and spectate. But join! it’s fun! Get on discord so we can banter and teach.


Can someone stream it? What’s a fight club without spectators? :eyes:

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@admin, I want to edit the OP to say server status: UP, but it won’t let me :frowning:

If it runs until the end of my work day, I would gladly partake and stream as I do so.

What are the odds this runs over past T+ 3 hours? :grin:

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Wilco, I will organize the discord effort. Bear with me 10 mins while I wrestle the boy into bed

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Those odds are great. I will fly for about an hour, take a break, then fly some more. Looking forward to having a friendly bit of sparring with you man!

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I will stay in 2d for a bit to help joining people

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U joining us tonight @cib?

Just join in mate! the water is warm. I aim for a BJJ dojo atmosphere, we’re all n00bs, no worries. Let’s learn how to fly eh!

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Just sorting @Scoop discord and I’ll be back. He can hear me but I cant hear him again. 2 mins

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I’m tipsy and i haven’t flown in ages, but i’ll drop by shortly.