Schurem's Fight Club (17/12/2022)

Some screens from the replay. I tried to get all who attended but guess what the track was corrupt :frowning:
Victor “just trim it out”

Lee posing for the camera

and a nice shot when we met up eventually,

and finally because the Spit is so pretty


Utterly gorgeous. Poetry in metal.


in the name of science i have just shot up some Tiger 1’s and king tigers… can confirm that the shturm has good effect (94% damage on single hit) but the rockets and the 30mm are just shrugged off by the tanks, the 30mm surprised me with no damage ant near point blank range


@Victork2 @Cib If someone wants to add helicopters with troop transport to my mission for tonight:

I won’t get around to it and will only add this after I have build the rest of the mission.


I don’t have access to the mission file

you do: DCS Mission Submissions - Mission List - #64 by Derbysieger

Moose is already the latest version, you just need to configure CTLD for the helis

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It’s the NTTR for tonight, I have not gotten around to adding helicopters to Normandy. Kicking the thing live now, but I myself won’t be on until after dinner.

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I’m not gonna make it tonight. Been called in to work. Have fun guys and apologies


Not needed. We’ll be there tomorrow as well. Drive safely mate.


I’ll join in about an hour

Yeah I’ll take a bit too…

I am on MS discord voice, I have an hour if anyone is coming to play :slight_smile:

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That was a lot of fun guys! Thanks @schurem and @Cib for hosting!

Took an AIM-7 to the face after shooting down the F-14 in my Anton. ANTON STRONG! :joy:


Mission with helicopters for tonight. I only plonked down some Hinds and Hueys, didn’t have time to add CTLD. Hot and cold start are available. Note that I will not building this mission any further but I will add a couple of helis when the rest of the mission is done.

Normandy_WWIITraining_v0.0.6_Mudspike.miz (1.3 MB)


I plan on making some chopper based missions to dust off the rotary club again. I never picked it up because of the uncertainty of my shifts at work. I will do some troop transport scenarios with cover from the hind and black shark for us and when we have impromptu meetings they will be ready to go


Thing is up, will be there in a bit (still have a kid to put down). It’s normandy again, the latest & greatest (thanks @Derbysieger!)

just having a quick bit to eat then will be there

I’ll be on around 20:00 CET

Starting up DCS in sec, I’m on the MS Discord already

thank you for a cracking good night, now i just need to get a sense of direction :laughing: that mission is a great training aid


It is, isn’t it? It’s also fun to hurtle around Normandy a bit. Such a lovely map. And blowing up Tiger tanks never gets old :wink: In the end @Freak and I cleaned out most of the targets using Petrovich’ magic X-ray vision :slight_smile:

I love how good you all have gotten at teaching the stuff. @Derbysieger patiently explaining the ww2 birds, @Freak getting me going with the vodka fueled robot in the front of the Peoples’ Glorious Eggbeater.