Schurems Fight Club (24/04/2021)

Well, I don’t have much planned for saturday, so if I take some breaks now and then, I might make it into saturday :wink:

Lookin’ forward to rolling with you guys again! Any wishes for the scenario’s? Keep it simple, for 'tis but a simple thing I do :smiley:

awkward ricky gervais GIF


Nothing in VR…

Someone who will remain anonymous (it was one of the bloody kids) has snapped of the left earpiece on on my oculus and I haven’t had time to find a set screw to fix it with

When I fell out with the oculus last time we played I left it on the end of the sofa. This was a tactical mistake. Animals.


Sat works better for me also

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I might very well do one on saturday as well.

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Looking forward to seeing all of you tonight!

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Going live soon. On the mudspike discord for comms…

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Roger. Be there or be square

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I have to collect a vaccinator from her work and feed her a meal. Fliss will have been averaging 20 innoculations an hour for 7.5 hours when she finishes at 2015. I might be there for 2200 GMT.

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well be there

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Ace, can you let me know if you can connect? I am having connection problems with @jpinard :frowning:

@jpinard are you on open beta or release version?

unfortunatley cant make tonight… but should be there tomorrow, if its on. :smiley:

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We were just talking about you @tempusmurphy. See you tommorow mate

Wrapped up for today. We’re certain for tomorrow though!

@Maico be there or be square! Far safer to do with a runny nose!
@Victork2 get that oculus on your mug. Your aim is way too dangerous in pancake :stuck_out_tongue:
@ScoopD you join us as well ? We could do with a real flying instructor :wink:
@tempusmurphy missed you on this one, you there tomorrows then?
@Wes will you get shot at for a bit as well? The more the merrier!
@jpinard fix your controls, check for double bindings and we’ll make a mean green dogfightin’ machine out of you yet!


I’m going to set up track IR tomorrow. Oculus is a waste of time.
Great fun tonight. Some nice lessons learned about speed and altitude for me

Someone got wasted down there :smiley:

Yeah, that throttle controller is not just a holder of buttons, sometimes it needs to be actuated a bit for maximal results :wink:


Poor little gazelle. You monster.





I managed to get the Track IR working this morning. It won’t be as effective as VR but definitely should help with the fun

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