Schurems Fight Club (24/04/2021)

I’m not doing that… not yet. Over 250 GB? Darn, nope. Not like this.
I’m fighting how I can but of course now the wife wants to have a walk around town. We’re allowed as long as we wear masks.

You can cut down on the download by renaming the games’ folder. Now reinstall the launcher and base structure, but move in the old files before reinstalling all of the stuff. Good luck.

What we want it to do is rewrite it’s config files and registry entries. Perhaps manually deleting those and hitting repair might do the trick…


Back from the walk. Too cold to last much longer.
I’m going to try exactly that.

try getting the rift up and running before you click on the DCS icon

That is … out there. Can you manually rename the folder in saved games and retry, just to make sure? I’ve also had some weird issues after reinstalling windows.

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Doesn’t “Numpad 5” work to center the menu in DCS VR?

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This is distressing. Doesn’t work…
I honestly would have thought it would have.


Holy S#!7! It was a time problem!?
Essentially my PC’s windows time was behind (like a day and some hours) and it failed the Authorization…
Made sure my PC time was aligned with Windows time server and now it works in 2D.

EDIT2: Found it here


@komemiute When I start it is usually below and to the left. Starting anything in the dcs menu (move the vr headset to see it, but keep it off your head!) Once running press button 5 on the keypad with the headset approximately pointing at your screen

That plus pressing the HOTAS button that you most likely have mapped for this function works too.

My main problem was that the entirety of the menu was missing.
I looked around 360° × 360° and there was just me, the hangar and the Su 27.

The more I looked into the problem, forums and such, the more I realised it was a problem of time. My pc had a wrong time setting and failed the authentication.


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If you ask me it’s a bit of poor programming as plenty of other games regulated by an online-server DRM had no problem but…
Whatever I’m just happy it works.

Next step, VR!

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Not on the DCS opening screen. It works on '[email protected] screens and the aircraft

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YAY! I had a good hour long session in DCS which taught me… no more VR sessioni in DCS. :dizzy_face:

I love how it looks but beside the Huey the rest takes too much effort in VR.

might have been doing a small bit of practice for the next one …


What! - No inverted practice?!


I will leave that to @Victork2:grinning:


I would like to thank here @Victork2! Thanks Vic for that nice DCS present ( I guess it was you :wink: ).

I think there is nothing now what can stop me or excuse me from joining next FC. It is Saturday evenings, right!? :slight_smile:


he did that to me too with the UH-1. The man is a star. I haven’t flown anything else in DCS since he gave me the Huey (apart from a quick test in a real aircraft to test my new pedals that I bought for the Huey)


No problem @NEVO wasn’t nice seeing you sidelined! So @schurem and I hatched a plan to both chip in and get you flying with us. So I cant take all the credit as it was a 2 man effort. Make sure you fly with us next time, your chopper expertise would be very helpful to us flailing fools :wink:

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