Schurem's Phight Club (2024-05-25)

It should at least show an F10 menu, shouldn’t it? I couldnt even get that.
Anyway, I’m done for the night. Feel like helping me a bit tomorrow Mario? I’ll sort that blasted mic beforehand.

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mhh yeah … But you are in a slot on the blue side? For RED you need to change the script

sure let’s team up tomorrow

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@saghen yes, get the trial and join us. Nevada is nice, performs well and is not that big a download.

@schurem when do you want to meet today?


how is 2100 for you?

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Sounds good. 2100 CEST, right?

Yes sir!

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Ok, so the coding toddler has gotten his head pulled out of the drawer and got put back on his feet. Spawned in ground targets should be on the menu for Phight Club next week!


Looking forward to this😀

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