Schurem's Phight Club (2024-07-06)

Hey guys, I am going to a run a non-dedicated server on my box for a bit to provide some simple airquake playground for basic BFM duels and such.

The plan is to have all/most machines available for clients and no AI. Choppers are in Vegas so if you want to have fixed-wing on chopper action, prepare for a small trip.

Alternatively, we do the Great Marianas Turkey Shoot, tomcats and carriers, nuff said.

Or perhaps it’ll be just a day at the range, for general noodling around in expensive toys.

An invitation is not needed, you are all welcome. It’ll only hurt a bit, I promise :wink:

Note: The Community A-4E is now available in the missions. If you have trouble joining it because of it, get it and drop it in your mods folder. It’s well worth the price of 0,- of your currency :wink:

Now running a phabulously phantastic phantom extravaganza!

Server state: UP
Version: Latest and Greatest

Password: MudspikeFTW



If a player looses a plane he would go back to spectators and rechoose his original slot.

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if the airbase has infinite resources then this should indeed work just fine.

Also, maybe some F10 spawnable bad boys so we can kill the time as the server fills? Just a suggestion :slight_smile:


Alright, I’ll see about that. First I need to see if my router allows you to connect.

You don’t even have to give up the slot - if the aircraft has crashed, you can return to the briefing and hit Fly to respawn. Don’t give up a prime seat! :+1:


OK, I spent all of the wifes’ lunch break clicking together a simple scenario. I’ll be hosting it this evening from about 2020-04-21T18:00:00Z2020-04-21T21:59:00Z


I will try to make it and get revenge for you shooting down my A10c on takeoff in the mudspike flyin :japanese_goblin:


I have the perfect sound for that!



I put two AI targets in, but I have not done anything fancy like making them respawn, let alone make groups of targets appear when called for.


The less extraneous stuff the better in my opinion bud.

My pc bursts into tears everytime i load MP dcs in Vr anyway :joy:


I tried copypasting the thing to different maps, but selecting multiple groups in DCS is a dog of the female persuasion. I also couldn’t find blufor nations that have a J-11 or Su-33. So those aren’t on blufor. meh.

Let’s use the mudspike discord for comms. If I get a rando problem, I’ll put a password on it. That password will be mudspikeFTW


USAF Aggressors should have access to all aircraft, ships, and vehicles.

They’re redfor. Why does the dedicated server have a footprint as large as a regular install? It has no need for textures, does it?

I think you can run it with graphical output as well.

Server’s up, I’m putting the finishing touch to the kids.

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DS has to have the map data, and you get all the maps as the DS does not require licenses anymore.

I’m in the car!! I’ll eat dinner later! Its top gun time

The server rocks!! Air quake is great fun!! Having a great time with @schurem, @Cib @Bloodreina

I’m getting my butt handed to me obviously but it’s good natured!! Join us!!


That’s a fun, if intense experiment :smiley: Taking a break after spinning out a lot in the MiG-19 and blasting fools in VR :vr:

@Bloodreina if you want, we have comms running on the mudspike discord, click the megaphone icon on the upper right.

Felt bad shooting up those beautiful spitfires. I was expecting to cook some Messers and fokkers tbh :wink:

@Cib You might not want to turn into your enemy all the time. Sometimes it’s better to keep going up for a bit and look down your wing at the bandit until you see you’re past his 9-3 line, then turn in.

@Victork2 You’re pullen’ too hard man. slack off if the plane starts protesting. Turn rate is a result of AoA, speed and available lift. Like my MiG-19, past a certain AoA and below a certain speed, pulling harder will not give more turn rate.
The F/A-18 of course, is a FBW plane, those are not actually flown by you, but commanded. You tell the plane you want a certain G or turn rate and it does its level best to give it to you. Not so in a tomcat or spitfire. Often I have the stick at near neutral in pitch when combat turning a tomcat. Especially when coming over the top.


I got beat like a red headed step child. :joy:

It was fun. I’ll be a regular