Search for military sims

Somebody quick, send them the link to Eagle Dynamics … we might get some British stuff down the line … Would love to give a belsimtec version of a lynx or wildcat a throw :smiley:


Arma 3!!! With all my hours in that stupid sim I might finally be able to join the Marines (virtually)

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@tempusmurphy I think it would be better if ED sent in a tender and examples of what they are doing now and what they could do for 30 million. If ED are interested Fliss sold the mission planning package to MOD for the Tornado. An update is still in use for Typhoon. That deal got her on the board of EDS.


You have to be able to peddle the generator to drive the computer having carried the whole set of equipment to run the simpit up the mountain


I’m getting flashbacks of my youth

I can just smell the failure all over again


Your still a youth

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