Shameless Campaign For Votes, DCS Mission Contest & NAVEX Nevada

Hi all my beautiful peeps :sunglasses:

The DCS Mission Building Contest is open for voting, until March 27th. PLEASE please vote for our favorite NAVEX Nevada mission!

NAVEX Nevada offers a nice flight over much of the central Nevada map, and uses the concept of a navigational exercise with the capability to trigger enemy fighters to test your fighting skills. Designed for the single player in mind, with a wingman, to navigate the waypoints and explore the range for your entertainment, with the option to take on pairs of enemy fighters that you choose to engage. Lots of AI planes are in the mission – don’t shoot the civilian aircraft! Also, take a few minutes to look at the structure in the editor - you will see how the naming conventions and flags lead to the event programming, and there are some small scripting examples to do special things. Fly it single player with an AI wingman, or team up with four players each in the F-15C, Mirage or Viggen (the Viggen was added post contest submission).

I want to win the Normandie map to make missions in that theater.

Vote here!

Get the latest mission version on my Wrecking Crew Projects site; download the current one in the link below.

TIA peepers!


Did. :slight_smile:

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Dided too.

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Had a nice run up through the Nevada airfields with @near_blind & @Toppometer tonight. The plan is to fly this next Tuesday … hope to see you on TS then, if not before.

Toppometer in the shaade –

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I intended to vote for you WC but then I saw “Zone 51 UFO”. It was tough to resist but in the end, my fidelity to Mudspikers overules my natural desire to know the truth about “Zone 51”.


Voted. Looking forward to the missions over Normandy!

Unrelated question:
Do you put up your server in CET early evening (07:30-22:00)? (Your afternoon I guess) Because I’d love to fly your missions online with friends, but have never gotten port forwarding working on my machine.

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Thanks, smokinhole!
…speaking of Zone 51…
The next Nevada mission introduces The RDR (Red Decker’s Rebels):

General Roderick Decker led the insurgency against the Left Coast Division and was credited with breaking it apart. He fought for our freedom and maintained peace in the mountains for 20 years. But the Patriot Alliance is no longer happy with its LV Enclave and wants regional control, so Decker’s Rebels are fighting again. General Decker and his son Carlos are leading our rebels to claim the Western Region once and for all! Only then can we unlock its secrets.

You may recall then Colonel Decker –

Thank you, Freak,
Hollo Pointe is running the NAVEX Nevada mission. The mission has a Radio F10 option to restart it, along with a Cancel Restart. If you get in there and want to reset the mission, you can.

Every once in awhile the server will throw a DCS Stopped Working message, but other than that it should be running. PM me if you are interested in being an admin so you can change missions and reset DCS.

Great, thanks for the reply! I barely have time to play multiplayer, glad when I can get a campaign mission in sometime during the week, but looking to play with friends again after Monday’s exam. Once I get some people together, I’ll get them to your server as your missions often have something for everybody, which is really neat for unprepared MP flights.

Please join in tomorrow Tuesday evening U.S. 21-MAR on the Mudspike Teamspeak for NAVEX Nevada. We’ll try to fill four slots each of F-15C, Mirage and Viggen a/c.

We can take on some enemy fighters, fly under the Mike O’Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge (there’s a mouthful of a name), locate the other dam on Lake Mead (I swear I saw it once), and muss up some hairdos along the Las Vegas strip.

I flew this the other evening with @near_blind and @Toppometer and was surprised at how little fuel was left in the Eagle after an encounter, this with two drop tanks, and had to refuel at Creech because of it. This mission can be flown for combat or navigation, and it can be restarted through the Radio F10 menu. Would love to see you there, please join for a nice flight.

I’ve been dialing about with my in-game volume for the F-15C, as it has been tough to hear Teamspeak. Suggestions welcome. My Audio settings are:
Volume 100%
GUI 70%
World 100%
In Cockpit 45% - this is my last dial down and it helped a bunch
Helmet 100%
Music 0%
I’m not sure what all these do, individually.

  • the “volume_control_goreki” plugin is no longer working, that had helped me in the past

What time for us in brexit land?

Probably like 5:87PM (in Pounds converted from Metric)…

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Yeah, but in Furlong per stone?

That sounds improbable.

not likely or probable; doubtful; unlikely; synonymous with stupid people thinking the f-111is not a great aircraft.

Are we running the latest version of alpha ?

I’ll be able to join early evening East coast time. I only own the F-15 so if there is no slot I’ll just taunt you all on Teamspeak.

We think 1800 Colorado time is 0100 GMT. does that make sense?

Yes, latest version of DCS 2.

Ouch. That’s a late one, will try to make it. Can do either mirage or viggen. Think it may be midnight by my google foo… Will get the matchsticks for my eyes.

HI wrecking crew. I would love to vote but since the last two updates (1 and 2 two to 2.0.5, my F-15 is useless (I did find this mentioned in the change log) and so is my Mirage. I will try learn how to roll back as was mentioned in my Conundrum post to 2.4.
At about 105 knots on take off the Mirage pitches up uncontrollably, stalls and returns to smite the earth. Everything works fine 1.5
Anyway your Navex looks great.

Vote anyway!

LOL Kerfuffle,
You can take the Game Master slot!

Yes, I’ll accept votes from anybody, even dead people!