Shameless Congrats and a Plug for @Sryan! Now pursuing his PhD!

Hey everyone!

I know it’s been a while since I last posted, and I’m still enjoying the world of DCS as it develops into a world-class sim, but I need to sidetrack and let ya’ll know about the accomplishment of a special member of the forum.

@Sryan - author of one of the most-read articles in the Mudspike Canon ( DCS F-15C Combat Guide for Beginners | Mudspike , has been a mentor, tutor, wingman, and friend since at least 2016. He’s shepherded myself and several others through aircraft and weapons tutorials, like the F-15, F-18, and F-16. He’ll fly Red Air with you to practice ATA combat, and he has been a regular contributor and player on the Hollo Pointe servers with @Franze , @wes, and @sapper, as well as @bigzamtx and others.

Well, y’all don’t need to know the back story, but @Sryan has undergone and surpassed a TON of challenges on his way to his education and professional pursuit. He’s completely solo; worked his way through school while supporting his dad through a long-term, debilitating disease, and maintained his cheerful and informative approach throughout the entire ordeal.

He’s just graduated with a Master’s Degree in Genetics and Genomics from Maastricht University, and is returning immediately to pursue and achieve a PhD in the same field. WE WILL BE CALLING HIM “DOCTOR” and “PROFESSOR” soon! I’m proud to already call him “FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR”! and "FlightSim QFI:!

Anyway, here’s my plug: Most of you got cards with checks or cash from relatives upon your graduations from High School, College, Basic Training, Advanced Training, etc. He’s got no one. If you’ve enjoyed his article(s) and his contributions to the forum and to the field of Sims, send a little token of love to this address via paypal; [email protected].

He’s a great kid, a hard worker, is incredibly intelligent, and is passionate about military aviation. He’s been working for DoorDash on ebikes (my forte), and anything you send will help him get settled in to a new, tiny space with a hot plate and a kettle.

I have no hesitation to thank and reward people for their contributions to my growth as a sim pilot, a cycling coach, or as a mad scientist. This is unsolicited from him; it’s all me.

Let’s surprise him with a few Euros so he can get a cupacoffee, and once he’s settled in, we can see him again on the forums and in the servers, flinging missiles and bombs and dancing in the air while he explains the redshift doppler patterns of a high-altitude SPAMRAAM shot at a critical enemy bird.

Thanks for reading;


Thanks for the heads-up, @whareagle!
Congratulations on your masters degree, @Sryan, and what I presume is a PhD scolarship.
Well done! Outstanding!


A little something sent! Thanks for making me awhareagle! (I’ll show myself out)


I thought you meant a were eagle…

They appear whenever there’s a full bird feeder…


Congratulations to both you and your big brains!

I’m the reason that gear handles are shaped like wheels!


Congrats @Sryan! Appreciate the effort that you are putting into this!




Excellent work @Sryan you should be very very proud of yourself. Just like we are of you.



Here’s the thing; I never went to Auburn University. Someone else named me.


Woah, thank you all very kindly for the kind words and the gifts! This is all so incredibly kind :face_holding_back_tears: It’s true I’ve been kind of solo the last few years. I was raised by my grandparents, the last one passed suddenly during my bachelor’s, and I’ve been on my own ever since. Still, I have some friends and (distant) family that would never allow me to truly end up on the streets. They also have my old pc and sim stuff all boxed up tidy in their attics, so that one day I can rejoin you guys. Now that I am a PhD candidate, I can save up some paychecks, and hopefully some day soon move out of my little sea-container dorm in the south of university town and rejoin you guys in the virtual skies!

Thank you! I am indeed pursuing a PhD now! With a grant from the Dutch thrombosis foundation, I am hoping to find new links between blood coagulation and immunology! Specifically, I am looking how post-translational modifications by white blood cells affect anti-coagulant proteins.

:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

I’m the reason the lab bench and lab equipment now has “NO STEP” stickers! :crazy_face: I don’t know why they made them all so perfectly flat, if they were not for climbing and walking on? Makes it feel a bit more like a flight-line, too!


Sorry. I think that you may have a cat that walked on your keyboard with auto-correct on? I understood … some of that (I too have a cat) :smiley:

Just kidding. All the best! If you need anything, please reach out :slight_smile:

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