Shiny Shiny Shiny - F-86's

I think this was enabled as part of DCS 1.5 but I’ve not played with it till now. I used a couple of very useful things for these quick shots:

Nellis AFB Static Templates:
ED forum member jcbak’s very useful starting point.

F-86 Skins Pack:
@SkateZilla’s excellent F-86s skins. Great stuff!

A few quick shots, worked out nicely.

Nice look at the Nellis static template:

Specular is nice, not too much…

Enhances in the pit as well, imho

Just feels right over the desert


Great shots, @fearlessfrog! Wow, I love that 1950’s shine!

Brushed, polished aluminum will forever be what a jet should look like!


Skate has some excellent skin skillz…

Shiny, and Chrome…