Shopping for a new PC... and I’m kind of lost.


But… Where do you even find 512GB modules?! My mobo can only take 4 sticks!

Unless there’s some kind of PCIE expansion board that has 128 spots for sticks.


Intel racks common in datacenters (8 Xeon’s with socket P) take about 48 32GB DDR4’s. Something not that high end would be so that’s about 1.5TB RAM.


2000W and only 1.5TB total memory? And Intel onboard graphics?



When is delivery @PaulRix? If you are out of town I’d be happy to hold onto it for a bit!


Supposedly it will ship on the 23rd at the latest. I took the “No Rush” option, which knocked off the best part of $200 for the sake of an extra week before shipping. My work schedule is going to be a bit crazy during the second half of this month, but hopefully I will be home when the PC arrives.


I can’t wait. I hope it’s awful and disappointing in every way. Because you know why… :rofl:


Oh, You know you are going to do something similar in the not too distant future. ;).


Annnnnd…it’s shipped! Monday should be a great day!


@PaulRix is going to fly halfway around the world in his huge jet. Then he’s going to park and hop in his Tesla and drive home to his new i7 RTX2080 sitting on his doorstep. Anna Kournikova is probably cooking dinner for him…



In my mind he is sitting down to try out the new rig in a perfectly tailored tux, nursing a fine islay single malt while at it. The scotch is probably distilled the same year as Anna to round things up nicely.


I mean … I think he could do better than Kournikova… :jenneke:


I think he’s married. So the proper response to that is “he already did…!”


Yes indeed. My wife is amazing. How she puts up with me I’ll never know.


Has she driven the Tesla yet? Does she want one now?


Yes, she likes it. Evidently we don’t need another one because she can drive mine! :grin:


Well, IT HAS ARRIVED!!! :sunglasses:

So now I am going through the installation process and moving files from the old PC.

Stupid question, the case has a lot of colorful lighting, but I haven’t figured out a way to adjust it. I thought there would be a program installed to do that, but there is a distinct lack of extraneous apps and bloatware (which is really nice, don’t get me wrong).


I think they tend to be motherboard maker dependent. This might work for yours?


I can’t wait to see fish in it…!


What @fearlessfrog said. Also, my Corsair case has a fan light controller in the area where SSD drive mount (behind the non glass panel). If you have one, there will be a separate lead coming off of each fan terminating on the lighting controller, and the controller is pwd by the same type of connector which powers SSDs. There are 3 buttons on top of the case which also terminate on the lighting controller, that control the different themes.

These are the same RGB fans and lighting controller in my Corsair case.

Your case also look like you have additional bling lights, which maybe controlled by the mobo of which Wikifrog speaks.

Edit: I see that your rear exhaust fan does not have internal lighting, but your top fans do. So, you may not have the light controller I mentioned above.


Thanks for the info guys! I’ll download the Mystic Lights app. All the flashing lights are cool for about 5 minutes, and then it just becomes annoying.